How to Use Social Media to Increase Business for Fashion Companies

Social Media to Increase Business

It is no secret that social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have launched a new era in online marketing, especially for businesses like fashion companies. Print magazines and billboards just don’t offer the same sort of drive or results that social media marketing does.

When a brand learns how to use social media and data analytics properly they can boost their website traffic, lower their customer acquisition costs, and of course, increase sales. Social media may seem like a minefield at first, but there are so many benefits that fashion companies particularly, can gain from a strong social media presence.

What is data analytics?

Before figuring out to use social media and data analytics to boost traffic and sales to your fashion company you may need a little background on what data analytics is and how it is used. Well, data analytics is the act of using data to conclude on specific information.

For instance, a brand can use data from their social media channels to determine the level of interest in their brand and even their core demographic. It is not as complicated as it sounds.

Social media content drives a certain level of interaction and the data analytics show the brand the specific metrics behind those interactions. A brand can see what sort of content their audience and potential customers are drawn to and make the most of each post through the results.

Data analytics may sound like a complicated scientific method, but in reality, it is the way modern fashion companies most successfully market their products.

How fashion companies can master social media for the biggest payoff

Fashion brands have a unique advantage in terms of social media. The content a fashion company can create and post on Instagram and Facebook is essentially unlimited.

There are so many ways for a fashion company to promote their pieces to consumers which make mastering social media a relatively simple task, as long as you know the basics.

Use every method at your disposal

One mistake some fashion companies may make when using social media to grow their brand is only creating content for one platform. Instead, using Instagram and Facebook as well as Twitter and Pinterest will offer the most payoff.

By using all the social media channels available the brand is reaching a larger audience and expanding their online presence. By posting about a sale or event on all social media platforms the chance of increasing engagement and sales in higher.

Feature user-generated content

With so much photoshop and fantasy occurring on social media, something a lot of customers are looking for is transparency and originality. This includes everything from the models featured in a photo to editing and more.

The best and most cost-effective way for fashion companies to impact followers on social media is by featuring user-generated content. This not only removes the cost of photoshoots but also enhances customers’ trust in the brand.

For example, if a brand is selling t-shirts, instead of hiring models, photographers, equipment and renting space, they can repost photos their customers have posted wearing their tee shirt.

Offer customer service

With the rise of online shopping, fashion companies must put a focus on their customer service skills. It is no longer as simple as walking up to a counter and speaking with a representative. Because most customers will reach out on social media when they need help rather than say making a phone call, dedicating resources to social media customer service is necessary for today’s online landscape.

Based on the fact that customers expect responses from brands online, it is unwise to overlook this relatively simple use of social media. By responding to customer concerns and questions on social media a fashion company is more likely to boost their engagement and customer satisfaction which in turn increases sales.

When customers have a positive experience with a fashion company on their social media they are more likely to make a purchase and come back in the future.

Make shopping easier

In today’s culture nearly everything instant so, shopping for fashion online should be too. And with the latest technology, it is. Young people who are the most active on social media use their mobile devices to do a large amount of their online shopping so, making it easier for people to shop directly from social media makes sense.

When a fashion brand is promoting a tee-shirt on their Instagram page it is not enough for the brand to have the link to their website in their page description, but the customer should be able to shop that tee shirt directly from the photo instead of having to navigate to multiple pages.

This reduces the time between product discovery and checkout which boosts the chances of a successful conversion.

How do we know all of this is going to help a fashion company increase business? Well, based on data analytics results these are the social media methods that are proven to reap the best results.

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