Top 7 Tools To Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Website

Embed Instagram Feeds

Whether you want to display social proof or add value to your blog or extend your website’s credibility with user-generated feeds, embedding Instagram feeds on your website is always a great idea.

It not only helps you to add a lot of value to your website but also improves user engagement and interaction with your website and it’s content, thus increasing the dwell-time & conversion rates for your website and decreasing the overall bounce rate, hence improving the overall performance of your website.

But embedding Instagram feeds could appear to be a tricky business for the beginners. It might seem too technical but actually, it is not. There are many social media tools available in the market that help you to embed Instagram feeds on your website in a really easy manner.

Come, let’s have a look at the best of those tools.

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is a social media aggregator and display tool that gives you the functionality to create beautiful and stunning Instagram feed walls and embed them into your website.

It aggregates real-time Instagram feeds and displays them directly as embedded feeds on your website. You can design, customize, and personalize the look and feel of your embedded Instagram feeds through the amazing customization options and beautiful themes that come along with the tool.

It also gives you the power to moderate and curate your content to maintain it’s feed quality according to the standards and theme of your brand. You can always look into the performance of your Instagram feeds in terms of user engagement and interaction with your feeds.

If you are an e-commerce website, then it’s unique TaggShop feature can help you to embed Instagram feeds as shoppable posts so that the users may look at the social proof and buy the product from the website itself. This helps you to hike your conversion rates and increase your e-commerce sales.

2. Instagram Official Embedding

Instagram itself provides the embedding functionality with its post. You can embed your personal profile images and videos or you could also embed photos from public profiles on Instagram. You could either embed individual posts or all together as a single feed, the choice is completely yours.

To embed Instagram feeds on your website, all you need to do is go to the post on the web, over there, click on the more option and click on embed. That will generate the embed code, just copy it, and paste it in the backend of the website where you want to display the Instagram feeds.

3. SnapWidget

SnapWidget is a fun and easy way to embed Instagram feeds on your websites. It has a user-friendly interface and is really easy-to-use.

It operates in real-time and hence it automatically updates the latest Instagram posts on your website directly, hence providing your users with amazing, latest, and dynamic content to engage with.

It gives you amazing Instagram widget options like Instagram Popup, Instagram Slideshow, Instagram Grid, Instagram Scrolling, Instagram Board, and so many more.

4. PhotoSlurp

PhotoSlurp is a visual commerce platform that allows you to embed shoppable Instagram posts on your e-commerce website and help you grow your conversion rates and sales

It automatically collects real-time hashtag, mention, tagged, and profile feeds from Instagram and displays them as embedded feeds on your website thereby displaying social proof to your audience.

You can easily manage your Instagram content along with other social media platforms’ content, makes them shoppable, and lets you publish it to your E-commerce platform.

5. as a platform lets you embed rich media posts from Instagram and other social media platforms on your website in forms of images, videos, polls, slideshows, music, live videos, gifs, infographics, and many more.

It discovers and finds the most relevant content for you over the Internet and embeds it on your website allowing you to display user experience and user stories, thus enhancing your brand’s credibility and authenticity factor.

6. EmbedSocial

EmbedSocial is a great way to provide social proof to your website visitors. It lets you display reviews, Instagram feeds, and Instagram photo galleries on your website, speaking for the credibility of your service and product quality.

It is a social media management platform that captures online reviews, embeds Instagram feeds on your website, and displays your social activity and influence on Instagram to your website visitors.

It is really fast and easy-to-use, user-friendly, and highly responsive. You can either embed the entire feed wall on your website or just the notifications, for the sake of it. You could also embed subscribe and follow buttons on your website to drive your website traffic to your Instagram profile.

7. LightWidget

LightWidget is a simple yet highly customizable way to embed Instagram posts on your website. It is easy-to-use and really user-friendly.

It gives you the functionality to drive your traffic between both your Instagram handle and your website. When you display Instagram feeds on your website, you are clearly driving your Instagram followers to visit your website.

But, when you embed Instagram feeds on your website using LightWidget, you get the functionality of clickable embedded posts where when your website visitors click on the embedded Instagram feeds on your website, then they are redirected towards your Instagram profile.

This way, you can shuffle and enhance traffic on both your social profiles and digital presence. This helps you expand your target audience base and increase brand awareness.

Wrap It Up

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website not only helps you drive engagement but also helps you spread awareness about your brand, increase conversion rates for your e-commerce business, and grow your e-commerce sales.

It not only helps you boost your CTR for your website but manage your entire marketing strategy. It helps you manage your social media interactions, improve your website presentation, and channelize more traffic to your website.

The lower bounce rates and enhanced user interaction with your brand’s website content also help you spread the word of mouth marketing for your brand thus benefiting it in the long run.

Then, what are you still doing here?

Try the best Instagram embedding tool today and experience the incredible benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on your website.

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