Top 7 Reasons to Choose Cubic Zirconia Wedding Set for Your Big Day

Cubic Zirconia Wedding Set

Are you getting ready for the biggest day of your life or planning to gift someone on their wedding? There are many types of wedding accessories, but only one can bring more than seven advantages at the same time. It combines sheer beauty, functionality, elegance and, affordability in one.

Tips to Choose Cubic Zirconia Wedding Set on Your Big Day

1. Choose the wedding set for its brilliant look and feel

These are lab-created gemstones that resemble diamonds so much that you cannot tell them apart with the naked eye. They emit a fiery enthusiasm and luxury that goes well with the modern woman. Most of these rare stones come in sterling silver that immediately pleases the eye.

All accessories in the cubic zirconia wedding set come from high-quality craftsmanship. They are handmade and polished to great degrees of perfection. When you choose these, you will stun your audience with a great visual display. At the same time, you will appreciate the depth of art that the jewellers have invested in production and polishing.

2. Cubic zirconia jewelry is less pricey than diamonds

It is common knowledge that pure diamonds are rare to find and expensive to mine. This fact drives up the prices so high that ordinary people cannot afford. Instead of spending an arm and a leg, investing in the less pricey alternative is a prudent decision.

The affordability of the cubic zirconia type of wedding set is perhaps its greatest benefit. This is especially true when you buy cubic zirconia jewelry wholesale. For a fraction of the price of diamonds, you have a chance to own accessories of treasurable quality.

3. Combine different styles options in one wedding set

These wedding sets come in varying sizes, colors, and shapes that appeal to women of different fashion tastes. While there is a selection of the classic simple round rings, other shapes include customized marquise and emerald cuts for the more sophisticated woman.

Choose to crown your wedding day with a combination of beauty, class, extravagance and effortless quality. Purchase cubic zirconia with tones and touches of a diamond. Bring in the crowd’s attention to the wedding ring while lighting up the room with her necklace.

4. Cubic zirconia is natural and eco-friendly

Are you the fashion aficionado who is conscious of the environment? Invest in cubic zirconia gemstones and join millions of accessory buyers who shop for options that sustain the ecology of the earth.

While these are synthetic gemstones, their manufacture and mining do not deplete natural resources. Instead, they are green, innovative pieces of art. Furthermore, buy these and help in creating sustainable employment for many people in the industry.

5. Invest in high quality and durability

More people today are searching for durability in jewelry sets for weddings than ever before. After the wedding, you can still wear your valued ring, necklace, and earrings on glitzy events, your girls’ nights out and other parties.

Silver is a highly durable precious metal that does not wear out even with excessive use. Simply put, these are made to last long while giving you the same quality that you would find in expensive diamonds.

6. Cubic zirconia is easy to pair with wedding gowns

There is such a wide variety of opulence in these wedding sets that you cannot exhaust. Choosing your wedding accessories comes after choosing the wedding gown. No matter it’s color or style, you will find a cubic zirconia wedding set to pair up with your fashion ensemble.

Some wedding sets appeal better to plus-sized ladies, just as there are others styled for petite women. Choose designer inspired and tailored wedding sets to suit your style and the general theme of your wedding.

7. Remain fashion-conscious and trendy

For a little investment, you will heighten your sense of style and modernity with diverse choices of wedding sets. When you purchase cubic zirconia jewelry wholesale, you have the chance to mix, experiment and match accessories with your favorite dresses.

It must be mentioned that you could stop the show not only at your wedding, but also at themed corporate events, birthdays, and other functions. Choose cubic zirconia wedding sets today for an all-round fashionable look.

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Buying Guide and Maintenance Tips

The versatility of cubic zirconia jewelry means that there are many options available. As such, you need to have a good idea of what to look for as your wedding set should be perfect:


The affordability of cubic zirconia stones makes it easy to scale your options up. However, bigger is not better in this case. Cubic zirconia stones may look like real diamonds, but there is always some speculation.

Your CZ wedding set will look more authentic with stones less than two carats in size; anything bigger than that will attract too much attention.

Band Material

The band material is just as important as the stone. The material you choose should be not only elegant and stylish but also strong enough to hold your gem in place for a lifetime. Most people prefer gold, copper, and brass because they look good, but they are weak. These materials wear away quickly and the plating over the stone.

The best materials for cubic zirconia wedding sets are sterling silver and stainless steel. Both materials are not only strong but also come in versatile, stylish designs.


Cubic zirconia stones come in various grades. These grades reflect their quality. The lowest grade is Grade A, while the highest is Grade 5A. It is difficult to tell the difference in quality at a glance, but they do exist. You and your partner deserve nothing but the best, so go for the highest grade.

Some unscrupulous dealers often pass of low-grade cubic zirconia grades as the best, so pick your dealer well.

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