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The Type of Articles We Welcome and Accept

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Here’s a easy list of basics that you need to follow so as to ensure that the article you are submitting to us is fully compatible with our guidelines:

  1. The post / article should be of minimum 1000 words + 300 words article summery for social media post. Without social media post content your article has been rejected.
  2. You should surely use the main article heading (H1), along with sub heading (H2)
  3. Titles and headings should always use small alphabets, except the first letter of first word of every line after full stop or when using the name of someone’s or some place.
  4. Article should be 100% Unique i.e. completely plagiarism free
  5. You should provide links and other attributions for images (Image size – 1200 X 628) and other stuffs from where you have taken help to write the article or used the pictures from
  6. Make sure to use genuine sources for writing your articles.
  7. Content should not be for SEO / Backlink building.
  8. Links added to the article body only after 250 words.
  9. We have the right to remove your article anytime from our website, if we find the same one listed somewhere else on any other website other than our site.
  10. After one year we have the right to edit, remove or change linking.
  11. We don’t accept content related to gambling and intimately adult topics.

Once you have read the terms and conditions as listed above and you are sure that you article is comfortably passes the requirement criteria, simply submit it to us for review and get chance to get seen your article sooner.

Note: Submitting the article for review means that you have read the terms and conditions and accept that you will follow all guidelines of submissions in future as well.

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