An Oklahoma Family’s Guide to Adopting Grandparents in an Opioid Crisis

Adopting Grandparents

A fact of life is that grandparents increasingly feel responsible for their grandchildren’s care as they age. It could be for various reasons. Sometimes, unavoidable tragedies separate parents away from their children. In other instances, parents’ personal growth is incompatible with their role as parents. Particularly in the context of an ever-growing opioid epidemic, young children become too often the unintentional victim of addiction in their parents.

The grandparents usually fill the gap if a parent cannot care for the child for any reason. They put their retirement in the background and can take on the task of educating their children instead of entrusting them to foster homes. Sometimes, the excellent option is to adopt.

Oklahoma Adoption Grandparent Qualifying

Oklahoma City residents who are interested in the possibility of adopting must be aware from the beginning that adopting a parent’s child is a very personal, intricate, and legal process. Potential adoptive parents must be aware of the legal requirements involved, particularly if this is their first time interacting with the process.

Knowing what is involved in the Oklahoma adoptive process is vital regardless of your circumstances. You could be a couple or single looking to adopt an unrelated family member, a stepparent who hopes to adopt the child of your spouse, or a grandma hoping to foster your children.

While there are advantages to adopting, there can also be negatives and obstacles. The grandparent who is a potential adoptive parent must be certain that it is indeed the desirable decision for everyone involved.

Adopting a grandchild can permanently change the family structure. The parents who are the surviving parents of the child must end parental rights before a grandparent can adopt. Parents can also challenge the adoption or refuse to give up their child, even though their own lives could be in disarray.

The suggestion that their adult child ends parental rights can sometimes cause an argument between parents and children. An Oklahoma adoption lawyer will benefit from determining the accurate strategy in light of the reaction that parents might have who are willing to give up the rights of their children as parents. This is why we consider the rights of grandparent visitation in Oklahoma, grandparent custody rights, and grandparents in foster care to be potential options to smooth the possibility of a more permanent change.

While the relationship between adoptive grandparents and birth parents is distinct in the case of grandparents’ adoption, Oklahoma grandparent adoption otherwise follows the same procedure as a regular adoption in the state. Oklahoma laws govern the process and must be adhered to. Along with other requirements, prospective adoptive grandparents must undergo and pass a complete background screening.

When parental rights cease, the grandparent has to be able to qualify as an adoptive parent. The court has to decide if this adoption is within the best interests of the child’s excellent interests. A situation where a court is likely to permit grandparents to adopt is an array of circumstances, including the death or imprisonment of the parents or a persistent mental illness.

In determining the child’s accurate needs, a judge will scrutinize the relationship between parents and their child. A grandparent who is engaged in their child’s life and regularly visits is more likely to receive adoption rights than one who is not connected to their child. If there is a grandparent guardianship in place, and the grandparent is already being granted legal custody of the child, The court could consider it more favourable to the question of the grandparent’s adoption.

The Role of Adoptive Grandparents in the Process of Adoption

Adopting a grandchild can be an enormous step for everyone involved. Similar to how it takes a village to rear a child, a knowledgeable group often needs to help grandparents with the adoption process and help the new family structure. This team comprises the services of an Oklahoma grandparent’s adoption lawyer. Oklahoma adoption laws are shady, requiring the parties’ rights to be respected and recognized.

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