Top Reasons Why Every Commerce Student Should Go for CA

Commerce Student - CA

In our country, it is assumed that if a student has opted for commerce stream then he/she must have decided to become a CA or if a person is a CA then he must have commerce in his intermediate. But there are some explicit reasons why most of the commerce students opt for CA.

Commerce basically is a stream which deals with the study of trade and business. The main subjects that are taught in this stream are Accountancy, economics and Business studies. The subjects that a student encounter after opting for commerce stream are new for him because they are not explicitly taught in the junior classes while students belonging science stream are quite familiar with the subjects they are to study after taking science stream because they were taught in the junior classes.

Now, let’s talk about the three important reasons why every commerce student should go to CA.

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1. Familiarity with subjects.

One of the major reasons why students who aim of becoming a CA choose commerce stream is the similarity of the syllabus of commerce with that of the syllabus of CA course. Subjects like business studies, economics, and accountancy make a solid base of the students belonging to this stream and when they take entry into the CA course it becomes relatively easy for them to understand the subjects in CA in a better manner. Though students from other streams also opt for CA course, as compared to a commerce student they experience little difficulty in developing the understanding for its subject, these children had to toil really hard even just to understand basic terms. Where is commerce students having studied all the basics already in the 11th and 12th class grasps things easily? So familiarity of subjects is an important factor in opting CA as a career option for commerce students.

2. Understanding of the field

Like mentioned above commerce is a study of trade and business. So having a commerce stream makes you familiar with terms, rules, and activities of the business world which are going to play a very important role in your career ahead. So if you are from commerce stream and are aspiring to become a CA then all your past experience in this field is going to be of immense help in your future.

3. An edge over students belonging to other streams.

Though it is believed that CA is for commerce students but students from other backgrounds also go for it. But since you were a commerce student who had spent 2 precious years of your life studying commerce it is expected that you will have a better understanding of topics that are to appear in your CA course as compared science students who have no basic knowledge of these subjects.

Now, So above we have explained all the valid points that prove CA is for commerce students and you must have also got an idea of why every commerce student should go for CA. It is generally assumed that students who find science tough generally go for commerce but this a wrong perception because to go with commerce stream you are required to have a certain aptitude than only you can excel in its field.

Let us also discuss some relevant FAQ’s questions people have opting CA.

1) Is it beneficial to take commerce with maths to become CA?

Taking maths along with commerce is nothing to do with CA.
Though taking maths can be of little use for the entry-level exam of CA because there is a paper which requires you to have knowledge of maths but even if you did not have maths in your intermediate you can still qualify the exam with little practice and proper guidance otherwise it plays no great role in CA.

2) When should I start preparing for CA?

The minimum eligibility to become CA is to be 12th passed. So, to appear in the entry level exam you should have passed or awaiting your 12th result. But if you have the passion for CA and are sure to make a career in it. Then you can start preparing for the same from 11th onwards which will give you an edge and confidence over students who usually start their preparation after their 12th boards.

3) When should I join CA Foundation coaching?

In usual cases, students join CA Foundation coaching 3-4 months prior to their CA Foundation exam. But if you are dedicated and have opted commerce just to become CA it is advisable to take its coaching in 11th or 12th standard only as in this case you will have ample of time for foundation preparation and will be sure of clearing the exam in the first attempt itself. Though there are no restrictions on the number of attempts, with every attempt you fail you lose confidence which can be very demotivating and time wasting.

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