Top 10 Most Important Things to Consider Before Booking a Hotel

Things to Consider Before Booking a Hotel

Planning a holiday, there are multiple things on the checklist that need your undivided attention. One of which is the flight and hotel bookings. Also, there are several options today whether to rent an apartment or a villa, a hotel or a resort. They all have their specialties, making it hard for us to opt for one out of them all.

In a foreign land, your hotel is your home which can not be messed with. It makes or breaks your trip. You want to come back to a neat and clean spacious place and just chill out after an entire day of traveling from one place to another sightseeing.

10 Certain Things you need to Consider Before Hotel Reservations

Hotel Reviews

Hotel Reviews is always one of the very first things to do – This step is the first and of prime importance. Other people have been to the same place and have had their share of experiences there. Yours might not be the same, but it might give you an idea of what the hotel is going to be about. These kinds of review websites also have pictorial evidence of the place and maybe even rooms, restaurant, gardens and the overview of the entire property just to give you a fair idea of what you might be getting into.


You want a good hotel but also don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts of money solely on it. You have other things on the agenda that require money. You’d want to go eat at a popular cafe with a different cuisine or have authentic traditional food from an expensive restaurant of that particular destination, the girls would want to shop for themselves and their family and friends too from a well-known place. You need sufficient money on you at all times more so because you’re in a foreign land, far away from home. Compare your hotels with other similar hotels in the same range to pick out the best of the lot that suits your holiday requirements the most.

Don’t miss the hotel’s Cancellation Policy

There are some hotels and resorts that have a 24-hours, some of them have 72-hours and some of them have a free cancellation policy. Don’t forget to check the cancelation policy because some places have the option of choosing your room based on the kind of cancellation policy you opt for. So, select it wisely, because you don’t want to end up spending a fortune only on cancellations alone.

Does your package include breakfast?

Opting for a package without breakfast is a complete waste. What are you paying for? A room and washroom? No! You wouldn’t go outside in search of food and beverages early in the morning right after waking up. Or maybe you’d want to do that, try something new for breakfast, a new cuisine, perhaps. But even then, opting for a package that includes breakfast is always a better idea, as hotels nowadays have the ala cart option which allows you to get cooked whatever you want to have, even if it’s not a part of the menu.

Does your hotel provide you transportation?

Transportation is something not all the hotel provides so you need to find out in case sightseeing occupies a significant part of your agenda and you don’t plan to take your vehicle. Also, in case you want to be picked up/ dropped off from/ to the airport/ railway station, you can also ask your hotel receptionist to arrange something for you.

A centrally located hotel is important

Don’t be too quick to book a hotel that has comparatively cheaper rates. Do your homework well. Pay close attention to the location of the hotel. It should be centrally located so you don’t have to travel great distances. Everything that interests you must be closely situated. It should also be located preferably in a crowded area instead of a lonely, secluded area which might not be quite safe. You could scan the pictures well for this. The pictures on the hotel website as well as the pictures uploaded by visitors on travel sites. By locating the place on Google maps, you could also determine the safety levels of the area.

Does your hotel have a pool?

The Pool is one of those “must-haves” in every hotel. You do feel the need, after travelling all day outside to come back “home” and just unwind. And what can be better than having a dip in the pool, in the cool water and just relaxing while chugging your favorite beer? Enticing isn’t it? You can do this all day if you aren’t one of those who’d want to go sightseeing, visiting monuments and historical places to admire the ancient structures and architecture.

Does your hotel offer free luggage storage?

With flights getting delayed these days and perpetual traffic on the roads, you might arrive at your hotel at odd hours, earlier or later than the assigned check-in and check-out time, and also want to leave your luggage right there and venture outside to find a suitable place to grab a quick bite. Your hotel should have enough luggage storage for such situations. You being their guest, it becomes entirely their responsibility to take care of your belongings in your absence.

Security On Point?

Imagine traveling to another city for a wedding, or consider being on the other side of the table, say you’re hosting a destination wedding. You’d be carrying expensive clothes and jewellery, and so would the guests. Your hotel has to certainly have enough security guards, all the gates under lock and key, CCTV cameras surveillance.

All the additional Amenities?

Is it a pet-friendly resort/ hotel? Find out. Maybe you’d want to take your pet along? Why not? Your pet also deserves a relaxing weekend with you, deserves your undivided attention, away from the monotony of city life. Find out if they have a gym? This would be one of the very first things the fitness freaks would want to know. Find out if they have an on-site restaurant. Even though most of the hotels these days do have an on-site restaurant, it’s better to be double sure. A good vacation always sees people running short of booze. It would be nice to have an on-site bar that could serve you your preferred cocktail without you having to make the effort of venturing out of the hotel in search of liquor.

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