How much does it cost to cycle around the world?

Cycle Around The World

Cycle tourism can be a means of transport, holidays, fun and much cheaper! But buying all the equipment you need for a long-distance Touring Bikes can be a big expense for your bank account. Compared to holidays of similar duration, a bike ride across the United States has to be one of the cheapest ways to see the country.

The cost of riding a bicycle across the United States can vary greatly depending on your style and adventure habits. I am sure that people have run into an autonomous bike ride that costs less than $ 1,000, while bike rides with support can cost a cyclist about $ 10,000 when everything is ready. For those looking to ride a bike across the United States, you must plan a budget for the trip using our Long Distance Cycling Equipment Checklist and Budget Calculator.

How much to travel the world by bicycle?

People often ask me how much it costs to travel around the world by bicycle. My answer is that it will cost as little or as much as you want! This is because there is no single answer to the question, as everyone approaches the bike tours differently. Some people would like to stay in hotels most nights. Others flatly refuse to pay for any accommodation, and camp one hundred percent of the time. Personally, I can reasonably comfortably pedal at an average of £ 10 per day.

Bike Touring Reality Check:

Now, you will often read about how someone was cycling around the world with $ 3 a day, or how someone spent only £ 8,000 in four years of travel. Let’s take a look at reality. These people are economical with the truth, they have a diet that would scare nutritionists, or they did a lot of fun. My personal experience is that £ 10 per day is the right thing to do. This allows averaging the most expensive countries with the cheapest ones. It is a realistic number that allows some candy from time to time, or for emergencies like having to buy a new rear wheel or diverter.

Staying at hotels on a cross country bike ride:

Each rider differs, but in a good part of the cyclists of the United States they like to sleep in a hotel or motel at some time.

The hotels offer some important amenities that are priceless when riding a bike across the United States, such as a hot bed, a hot shower, sleeping outside in the rain and having a safe place to work and store your bike. Other benefits may include laundry, free breakfast, internet access and more.

Food for cycling throughout the United States:

The best way to calculate your potential costs for food is to look at your current costs for food. How much is in the restaurants, Beer, Coffee etc.

You are likely to maintain similar eating habits and costs while cycling around the United States, although you can eat even more than you do at home. Your body will burn more than 5,000 calories per day and you will need constant refueling to keep the adventure moving.

Cross country cyclists need about 3 meals and 3 snacks per day, not to mention a sports drink or a beer here and there. Budget a minimum of $ 15 per day for food if you plan to cook most meals. This budget will not leave much room for alcohol or restaurants, therefore, increase the daily budget allocation if you plan to please.

You can keep costs down by buying in real grocery stores and carrying food for a few days at a time. Do not wait to buy until the last minute; otherwise you could be buying at a convenient store that offers lower quality food and higher prices.

Maintenance and repair of bicycles:

Hopefully, you will have minimal mechanical failures when cycling around the United States. And, hopefully, when you have a problem, like a flat tire, you carry the equipment you need, such as tubes, patches and gear oil for bicycles.

However, cycling throughout the United States comes with unpredictability and uncertainty. Reserve at least $ 200 for unexpected major repairs, such as derailleurs, radios, etc. On my trip, my biggest problems were with the broken tubes and two crushed tires. Replacement tires and tubes cost me $ 157.

My cycling partner was less fortunate. He had to visit a bicycle shop twice, once to replace the brake cables and once to replace a derailleur that came off the mud. He spent about $ 400 on parts and labor, and of course he also had his share of problems with the tubes and tires.

Attractions and fun things:

One of the great reasons why people choose cycling throughout the United States is experience, so do not skimp on it.

You should reserve money in the budget for random side adventures and attractions, such as visiting national parks, museums, concerts or whatever.

Do not ride a bicycle through America and forget about enjoying it.

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