Kids Magazine from National Geographic in India

National Geographic in India

MM Publications Limited has partnered with National Geographic to launch the local-language version of National Geographic Kids magazine in India. The newest edition of National Geographic Kids magazine debuts with the April 2016 concern. The magazine will be usable monthly on newsstands and by subscription.

Aimed at children ages 6 to 12, National Geographic Kids magazine is a picture-driven publication that inspires young adventurers to explore the universe around them. Every month, the magazine features colorful stories about animals, people and places, interspersed with fun puzzles, stories, facts and figures. It also contain the popular departments “Weird but True,” “Wild Vacation” and “Amazing Animals,” and focus on its readers by displaying user-submitted photos.

National Geographic Kids India will disclose content from the English-language edition and will have a similar look, but will also introduce content specially prepared to local readers.

We’re excited to work with MM Publications to announce the National Geographic brand to kids in India for the prime time, said Yulia Boyle, senior vice president, international news for National Geographic. Our aim with National Geographic Kids magazine is to inspire kids to learn more about the universe around them through optically rich, educational and highly entertaining content, full of hypnotic games and incredible stories. Indeed so, we desire to create the next generation of explorers who believe in the talent of science, exploration and storytelling to change the universe.

It is actually a privilege for MM Publications to partner with National Geographic to bring one of the most beloved children’s magazines to India, said Harsha Mathew, associate editor and director for MM Publications’ parent company, the Malayala Manorama Company. As a publishing house, MM Publications’ priority is to enrich the lives of children and to make learning enjoyable. We deliver many publications that are designed to impart knowledge through fun-filled actions. I am sure National Geographic Kids will additional enhance the value of our portfolio and help in our work to make the world of children more colorful and their coming futures brighter.

The price for the magazine on newsstands is Rs 50. An 18-month subscription costs Rs 500 and a 24-month subscription is Rs 900.

National Geographic Partners LLC, a joint attempt among National Geographic Society and 21st Century Fox, combines National Geographic television channels with National Geographic’snewsand consumer-oriented assets, including National Geographic magazines; National Geographic Studios; connected digital and social media platforms; books; maps; children’s news; and ancillary activities that contain travel, global experiences and archival sales, catalog, licensing and e-commerce businesses. A portion of the product from National Geographic Partners LLC will be used to reserve science, exploration, conservation and education through significant continuous contributions to the work of the National Geographic Society.

MM Publications is a well-known magazine publishing group that accompany out a number of successful publications in English, Malayalam and Hindi, every of them leading in their particular categories. The group is a part of the larger family of the Malayala Manorama Company, the outstanding newspaper and magazine publishers in India, which bring out the famed Malayala Manorama daily, The Week – famous news magazine, the Manorama Year Books (in various languages) etc. MM Publications launched the much-desired children’s magazine in Malayalam, Balarama in 1972. An effective mix of entertainment and information, across all the languages it comes the upcoming bestselling kid’s magazine in India. Soon the group identified different place for children’s publications, addressing different needs as well as different age groups. Thus the school activity magazines like Kalikkudukka (in Malayalam), Magic Bowl (English) and Akkad Bakkad (Hindi) were started, virtually inventing a new place in the Indian market. These publications are affectionately received by children, with parents and teachers taking them as an effective tool for child development. The informative magazines published by the company, like as Manorama Say Me Why (in English) and Balarama Digest (Malayalam) are also very popular and thankful by children, parents and teachers. The children’s separation of MM Publications now brings out ten publications for children.

Harsha Mathew, Assistant Editor and Manager, Malayala Manorama said, “It is indeed a privilege for M M Publications to associate with National Geographic to carry out one of the most loved children’s’ magazines  to India.  As a publishing house, M M Publication’s preference is to upgrade the lives of children and to make learning fun. We bring out many publications that are outline to impart knowledge through fun filled activities. I am sure National Geographic Kids will further upgrade the value of our portfolio and help in our efforts to make the world of children more colorful and their futures brighter.

National Geographic Kids India will publish content from the English-language edition and will have a similar look.

The price for the magazine on newsstands is Rs 50. A 12-month annual subscription costs Rs 500 and a 20-month subscription is Rs 900.

National Geographic Kids started in the United States in 1975 as National Geographic World magazine. The Indian version of National Geographic is the 18th local-language version of the magazine, preceded by the Portuguese in December 2014. Another local-language versions are available in Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Europe China, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Russia, West Indies South Africa (Afrikaans and English), Spain, Turkey, Brazil and the United Kingdom. National Geographic Kids has a worldwide distribution of approximately 1.6 million.

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