Top 10 Essential Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy Tips

There are more relevant facts about pregnancy than those you might have heard from your friends, neighbors, relatives, or other persons you know.  Pregnancy is a precious period for a couple as a baby brings happiness to the family. When you hold your child close to you for the first time, the nine months of discomfort or labor pain all go away. It is quite overwhelming to get all different types of information about pregnancy as it becomes difficult for would-be mommy to contemplate what is best for them and baby.

Being a new mother is stressful. You do not incline to put your fetus’ health in jeopardy. Therefore, you seek advice from a person more experienced than you are. If the information comes from reliable sources like your mother, grandmother, or doctor, you will be content. If not, you get more anxious about what to or whatnot. For example, if your mother had taken iron supplements during her pregnancy, she will recommend iron supplements for pregnant women that are good for you and vice versa.

Every mother believes in beneficence for their baby and pays attention to every little detail during each trimester. Therefore, we have highlighted the fundamental essentials to keep a check and steer towards a healthy pregnancy.

10 Most Important Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

1. Getting Regular & Early Prenatal Care Will Help

If you are planning to start a family, self-care is imperative. Not just your mind and finances, but your body should be ready to grow a child. When you find out about your pregnancy and go to your doctor for the first visit, he/she will also recommend you to take good care of yourself, especially in the first trimester. It is the hardest and risker phase of pregnancy. Would-be mothers who don’t get prenatal care are likely to have premature and low birth weight. Therefore, you must keep track of your health and consult a prenatal caregiver if things go south.

2. Have A Nutrient-Dense Diet

A healthy and well-balanced diet is extremely important at every stage of our life. But, with respect to pregnancy, it is far-reaching. For your child’s better development, a mother needs vital vitamins and minerals, and what’s a better way than getting it naturally. When mothers have a healthy diet amidst pregnancy, it helps prevent birth deformities, congenital disabilities and promote fetus health. You can introduce foods with rich sources of nutrients such as leafy greens, enriched cereals, citrus fruits, beans, tofu, nuts, and seeds.

3. Take Vitamins And Other Supplements Timely

When you consult a doctor, ask for any prenatal vitamins and supplements that might benefit you. They will run some tests and prescribe you the best supplements. The only purpose of these supplements is to ensure that you are giving your baby the best possible nutrients that it needs. Therefore, doctors prescribe different medications such as folic acid, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin D, fish oil, and iron supplements for pregnant women. The sufficiency of these vitamins promotes vision, brain development, and bone strength in children.

4. Indulge In Low-Intensity Exercise

Obesity can lead to many harmful problems during and post-pregnancy. Unfortunately, 50% of pregnant women worldly are overweight, which puts both child and mother life in jeopardy. Studies have shown that lower and moderate-intensity cycling, aerobics, and yoga can help promote moms-to-be and children’s better health. Also, being fit decreases the chances of complications during birth and prevents c-section. Note: Consult your doctor first if you encounter any discomfort or pain while exercising.

5. Eliminate Caffeine And Alcohol Completely

Every woman tries to take limitless care of themselves throughout pregnancy. However, what to do when you have excessive cravings for things you can’t have like coffee. You should never drink caffeine and alcohol during pregnancy, and it is clear steer information that your doctor provides you. But it’s just nine months of life without caffeine. Surely everyone can live with that because caffeine and alcohol intake can be extremely harmful to you and your baby. According to a study in 2015, women who had caffeine during pregnancy were associated with a higher risk of complications and miscarriage.

6. Always Wear Sunscreen When You Go Out In The Sun

Pregnant women must limit their exposure to harmful chemicals, other substances, and sun. Exposure to the sun for prolonged periods might be dreadful. If you are in the mood for sunbathing, make sure you are wearing sunscreen with a high SPF amount. This is because pregnant women’s skin becomes more sensitive and susceptible to blotchy spots and sunburn.

7. Educate Yourself From Reliable Sources

Whether it is your first baby or not, you shouldn’t pay heed to all those mean aunts and neighbors spreading negativity and providing half-true information. You can attend childbirth classes and learn about pregnancy trimesters accurately. If you are having any specific concerns and queries related to pregnancy, you can also ask them.

8. Increase Your Water Intake

Taking fluids helps relieve bloating and gastrointestinal issues during pregnancy. Drinking water supports your blood supplying oxygen and increases it up to 50%. Therefore, it is advised to increase your water and fluids intake to curb uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. If you are at a child-bearing stage, your water aim should lie somewhere between 8 to 10 glasses per day.

9. Recharge Yourself With Fruits

Fruits are an optimal source of nutrients, and also the natural sugar present in them can lift your mood and energy quotient. Therefore, you must take sugar-rich fruits like bananas, apples, kiwi, and other citrus fruits. You should fill your plate with lots of fruits and vegetables during your introspective journey for your and your baby’s betterment.

10.  Stop Active & Avoid Passive Smoking

Smoking is not recommended in any circumstances, but if you or your partner is an active smoker, you both should cut back during pregnancy. Secondhand or firsthand, smoking is life-threatening for your baby. Avoid tobacco and smoking to prevent miscarriages and other birth defects.

The Bottom Line

Are you expecting a child? These thoughtful tips are for you and your partner. Keep yourself healthy to avert complications. Eat Better, Grow Better.

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