7 Best Australian Cities For International Students

Best Australian Cities

Australia is definitely a beautiful country among the countries of the world and people living there or planning to move to go there for living are very lucky and hence if you have any plans in mind to make a trip to Australia or Studying Abroad in Australia then there’s no doubt that your choice is superb and we suggest you work out on it as soon as possible with no delays at all.

Here’s the list of 7 Best Student Cities in Australia where you can plan to take admission for further studies as it gives you info about the Top Ranked Universities in Australia present in the city:

Top Australian Cities For International Students

1. Melbourne:

Melbourne Australia

Amazingly beautiful city of Australia in Melbourne and is also ranked as on number 3 on worldwide ranking which makes it more prominent.

Melbourne is said to be the cultural center of Australia and it has a diverse economy and is also the headquarters to many of top-ranked companies present in Australia. Being a cultural and diverse economic city, this city is modern as well and hence while being into studies you can utilize all your spare time by enjoying in this city as by going to live music events, comedy shows, dance shows, and events, clubs and many sporting centers.

2. Sydney:

Sydney Australia

The name itself gives a premium feel and city is as well of the premium level and the good thing is that this city is also among the top cities of the world and hence is ranked at number 9 on global rankings.

As per our records, more than 50,000 students travel to this city every year for further studies from all parts of the world and the said main reasons behind this is the quality education into the top International level universities along with the high quality living standards of the city and the citizens which is a very high source of attraction to people of other cities of same country and other countries as well.

3. Brisbane:

Brisbane Australia

The city also called “New World” again gets more than 50,000 students every year from all parts of the world that come here for studying purposes. This city is the third most populated cities among the other Australian cities and again holds a record of being ranked as the 21st city on global rankings.

Brisbane is again known for something special and that is, that it has four universities which are ranked in the QS World University rankings on a global level which absolutely makes it a great place for study.

4. Canberra:

Canberra Australia

Just after Brisbane, it is Canberra who holds the record of being ranked as 22nd on global rankings and this city handles about 35,000 students every year from which about 9,000 are International once.

Canberra is derived from the word “Canberry” that means meeting place and hence its first choice of many International students to study in this city. This city is also an attraction to many people as it has one of the world’s beautiful man-made lake and many other viewable places.

5. Perth:

Perth Australia

Another beautiful city of Australia is this one and this is ranked on 39th in global rankings. Perth is loved by people because of the warm and nice climate and is a major attraction to people because of its beautiful beaches and other social/cultural activities that it offers.

This is the second city of Australia from which three universities are ranked in the QS World University Rankings which obviously says much about the city and universities present in it on their own.

6. Adelaide:

Adelaide Australia

This city is Australia’s largest student’s hub as it has the most diverse and large student population including Australian students and International students. This city is well known and famous for hiking, trekking, climbing etc and other adventurous sports.

Adelaide has a gift of amazingly beautiful natural surroundings and also holds many local festivals every year in the field of Arts.

7. Gold Coast:

Gold Coast Australia

Ranked bit far but is still among the Top 100’s, this city is ranked on 87th position in the global rankings. This city holds onto 30,000 students per year comprising of which, a large sum of this is filled from International students from all across the world.

This city is exclusively famous for its thrilling and exciting nightlife, other than this, its Australia’s only city which is blessed with 300 sunny days every year. This city is mainly a beach metropolis and has numerous theme parks, national parks, sea world etc and a lot more to explore.

So listed above were the Popular Cities In Australia and major as well where you can go for studies if you are planning to go abroad for further studies and they even provide you with all other things like joyful environment, entertainment etc along with quality education.

So if you are confirmed now that you have to go to Australia for further studies then take a look at top courses for study and PR in Australia to chose the best career option for you.

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