Know The Best Tips To Have Stylish Look In Cotton Sarees

Stylish Look In Cotton Sarees

Choosing the right fabric for perfect wearing

Yes, sarees are the essential outfits of women for Indian tradition that can be carried off with great elegance. And of course every woman looks for ways to have a great appearance in this wonderful clothing, but only in the case, she chooses it well. Now have you come up with the questions ‘What material should I choose?’ Which is the right choice for me? Keep the below points in mind.

Primarily, we would recommend lightweight material. Since the saree material holds the prominence in determining your look, choose it carefully. Opting for lightweight fabrics can help you wrap around easily and helps in getting perfect wear. Pure silk cotton and cotton handloom sarees can serve as the best choice, still, the option lies with you.

You have various saree materials in the market – silk, chiffon, georgette, crepe, semi silk, ikkat silk cotton, etc. Understanding which fabric can be your right-wear partner entirely depends on your body style. Mastering the art of choosing the appropriate material can get you easy style hacks. 

Can you go for printed sarees?

When uttering the word outfit for most anticipated occasions, what would be the first clothing that comes to your mind? Most often you will end up with an image of a beautiful saree with a wonderful you. Sarees are treated as a manageable and convenient outfit by most women. Despite the fact that a lot of effort goes into draping a saree, still wearing it perfectly makes you all set for the day.

In those cases where you would like to add a pop of amazing colors to your collections, printed sarees can be the ultimate choice. The art of crafting excellent prints has its history back in the 12th century. When you look at the olden times, European were the people who were involved in developing prints on the fabrics and taken to the world. In India, it was introduced in the 17th century which is these days widely popularized with stunning patterns.

If you haven’t yet imagined your wardrobe with printed sarees, now is the most appropriate time to make a refreshing change for your look from dull plain cotton sarees to bright and bold printed sarees. Fresh flower designs or kalamkari designs or graceful peacocks or leafy patterns, printed sarees can inspire you to start your day with colorful designs.

Off white sarees with bright colors is trendy right now and can bring that fashionable and stylish look you long for. Bold or vibrant colors can highlight the saree and make you look unique in the attire.

Let your attention take a closer look at the pleating style

Frustrated in finding the easiest way to drape sarees? Want to have that fine look with perfect pleating? Here are we to get you that stylish appearance on the way to drape the saree in the right way.

It is a good idea to wear your footwear to make sure you drape the saree at the right height and ensure comfort. In fact, women love to experiment with new styles not only in cooking, but in their dressing style too. But before you are ready to drape the saree, be sure which style you are going to pick up – whether traditional or modern. When you look at traditional clothing, it is usually emphasized with more pleats and folds (mostly smaller pleats), which you have to do in the right manner for a neat look.

And is well known a thing for you as a saree lover, how good the saree is, unless it is well-draped, the beauty remains unrevealed. There are plenty of draping styles that can be tried out for the best look for you. When you look at the yard details, generally sarees are 5 yards or can be 9 yards with uncut and unstitched blouse material attached to them. Elegantly draped sarees are the ones that bring the real magnificence of women.

Different draping styles

Sarees are wonderful attires, no matter what type of occasion you are going to take part. India is a multicultural nation where it has a number of states having their own tradition and styles. Your simple cotton saree can give you a gorgeous look if you try it in styles that are followed in other states.

Have you seen Bengali style wearing? It comes with a broad pleat at the front. The pallu of the saree comes to the front that has been taken from the backside. Noticed Maharashtra women draping? It has a surprising draping style that is unique from other regions as being worn like men’s dhoti pattern i.e. around the legs. A great advantage of this draping style is you can make easy movements that draw attention to every move you do.

What about Kerala women draping style? Any idea about the Malayali women’s saree wearing? When you look at their traditional wearing, the pleats are rolled outwards and wrapped securely with the innermost saree layer.

How about lehenga saree wearing style? Simple yet stunning lehenga type draping has dopes and comes with convenience to wear. All you have to do is just pleat and fold and leave some part of the saree pallu down.

Have you a semi silk saree? Looking to drape with pleats? Just take care of the length and size of pleats, they should be equal. Yes, as you know it is the common style among saree wearers. Perfect pleats can be achieved with cotton sarees and that is the style suggested by most designers for astonishing looks.

Rock the saree wearing with perfect accessories

Accessorizing your sarees with the finest and suitable jewelry collections can add glory to your beauty. Even great jewels can hide your small draping errors and overdraw the attention. However, avoiding wearing ornaments one over the other keeps your look stylish and adds grace to the appearance. Lover of simple jewels? That’s good when you wear cotton fabric. Add an ethnic slightly worked necklace to your accessories. You can add a charming bracelet for a complete look. Beaded bracelets can be a good combination for a perfect finish.

With being said that sarees can never be complete without good accessories, choose them smartly for the fashionable you. Pair heavy work jewels with simple bangles. On the other hand, if you are going for a long or statement earring, removing the necklace from your accessories list would be good. Planning for a corporate look? Then choose quality and branded watches for that professional look you aim for. But for a casual look simple jewels would do the favor.

Heading to a family ceremony? Let your saree be paired with gold ornaments for the finest look. If you are caring for a favorite look, it all starts from choosing the right jewels for the right saree fabric and for the right occasion.

A quick guide to pick jewels

If you have no idea on how to choose the perfect jewel for the look you wish to bring, here is the helping guide for you.

The foremost thing you have to consider is for which occasion you have planned for. Because the style, you are going to exhibit suits the place. Either you can opt for the same color ornaments as the saree color or you can go with a contrasting combination. However, make sure that the color of ornaments shouldn’t dominate the saree color.

Even a single necklace can perfectly suit cotton silk sarees and make you elegant. But choosing the one depends on your body type, skin tone, or complexion. Plain sarees can be great when it is combined with a thin gold or oxidized jewels.

A Contemporary look with the traditional touch

South Indian wear can’t be complete without traditional clothing, right? These days although women stick to tradition, still they look for modern ways that are in alignment with culture. Keeping these things in mind, we have made this guide. You can take the tips and styles that are well-matched for you. The beauty of sarees is its versatility. All you need is to choose the best style – a simpler or most gorgeous based on the occasion. Looking for some more ideas? Don’t worry! Fashion knows no limit. More ideas are on the way in the fashion world. Choose your favorite saree and be ready to dazzle.

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