Top 10 Travel Photography Tips to Improve Your Skills

Travel Photography Tips

Does it often happen that you return from a trip with a terrible illusion of showing your photos and when you see them you discover that they are not at all what you expected?

And suddenly all that feeling you wanted to capture when making the Photography… is not represented. Without a doubt, it is something of the most difficult: extrapolate the emotions to a photo so that it transmits.

If you feel identified, it might be useful for you to spend ten minutes reading the following article to know the top 10 best Travel Photography Tips to Improve Your Skills.

Top 10 best Travel Photography Tips:

1. Whatever your camera is, know it thoroughly!

It does not matter if you have a mobile phone or an SLR that you do not know how to use. Investigate and learn! If there’s one thing I’ve learned, the less time you need to set up your equipment, the faster you’ll be able to capture those high images you’re after.

The best help I have received to understand the functions and buttons of my camera has been through tutorials on YouTube. You will be surprised to see how much free advice you can find online if you spend some time looking for it.

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2. Take different photos:

We have all seen again and again the same boring pictures of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Be creative! I always ask myself the same question “Can this picture be done by anyone?”

Keep in mind what elements are in your composition: light, people, objects that distract your eyes, anything that breaks the magic of the moment you are trying to capture.

A straightforward trick that I like to play with is the reflexes. Whether in a shop window or a house, try to photograph interesting places with all those tools at your disposal that you would usually overlook.

3. Look at things that seem ordinary:

Think about your last trip. What is your best memory? The facade of a famous building? Are sweets fresh out of the oven in the showcase of a bakery?

The people you were watching while you were sitting in a cafe? The street markets? The smell of roasted chestnuts?
The next time you travel, go beyond the “postcard photos” and create images that are unique, meaningful to you.

The detail of a street stand, a bollard on the sidewalk or a simple bench in the park offers a different perspective to a collection of urban landscapes and nature.

4. Get lost:

This is something I do not only when I’m traveling but also in the city where I live. I like to discover new streets and hidden corners. Get lost, ask the locals (even if you have to overcome the language barrier) and, above all, have fun.

You have a limited time in that fantastic destination you are in. Some of my best photographs are the result of walking through a random street that never happened before.

Note: However, do not forget common sense at home. You do not need to walk around at 2 in the morning and risk taking an unpleasant surprise.

5. Make lots of pictures of people:

That kind of photos is often my best memories. Depending on the trip, I sometimes take a notebook with me to write down the addresses of the people I am portraying and to be able to send them the printed photo when I return home.

The maxim of the master Robert Capa was “If your photograph is not good enough, it is because you were not close enough.”

Take it to the letter: the closer you are to the subject, the more details you can capture. You could indeed achieve the same result with a telephoto lens, but my advice is that you do not use it.

Instead, try to get closer, physically. You will be amazed at how this simple gesture will help you connect and interact with people during your travels.

6. Interact

The only way you can improve by taking pictures is with practice. One of the things I always do when I’m traveling is to interact with locals.

The idea is to know better not only their customs and culture but also the history of that particular person I want to photograph.

7. You do not need a costly camera:

Have you ever heard that the camera does not make the photographer? Well, it is entirely accurate. And to give you an example, it is not the first time I see incredible photos of people who only take pictures with their mobile phone.

Today with applications like Instagram, it is easy and quick to share your photos, and you can get inspired by a couple of finger touches.

8. Tell a story with your photos:

Try to change your style and your point of view, do not settle for the same type of pictures. If you use a social network to tell what you do while traveling, try to incorporate different kinds of elements.

Portraits, landscapes, and food photos, for example, add depth to your narrative line and will help you practice in each discipline. Focus on the most curious details of each of them and open yourself to constructive criticism.

9. Edit them (Deep Etching):

An excellent edition is as important as shooting a good photo. You can give it the final touch to make your images go to another level, or they can damage them ultimately. Deep Etching Services is such photo editing task that is vital to find your style.

It is a graphic design technology applied the procedure of removing a particular part of an image from its background so that it remains unique. Thus you can place that cutting part onto something else or on a diverse background.

Note: Once you become professional on deep-etching, you can make that excellent header graphic for your new website within short times.

10. ENJOY!

Last advice! Do not obsess. You are traveling. Enjoy your experience. There are times when it is better to leave the camera and rest from the photos for a while. Like when nightlife arrives…


All the Travel Photography Tips to improve the photography that you have read so far are focused on progressing self-taught way. Observe, practice, fail, and learn. The classic essay/error. You will never learn or improve if you do not do it every day.

However, and I say this from experience, there is nothing better than attending a classroom course to get a good foundation. And that’s it! I hope you liked the post. A strong hug and you travel a lot!

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