Top 10 Courses in UK to Get Permanent Residency (PR)

Top Courses For PR in UK

Are you looking to study and move to the UK? When it comes to your education, many students are looking for courses that on completion offer them residency on this small island.

Offering some of the best choices for education and with a large multi-cultural community, choosing which one of their many universities to attend can be a challenge.

While choosing where to study might be difficult, choosing what to study should be an easier option. We aim to help and have put together a list of top 10 permanent residency courses for UK.

From MBA, Law to Education, keep reading and discover which of these courses is best recommended for studying in the UK.

When it comes to choosing the best courses for UK PR, it can often seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t need to be. When looking for the best permanent residency courses for UK, choose one of our ten recommended courses for a smooth transition and allowing you to obtain residency easily after the completion of your course.

1- Masters In Business Administration (MBA)

MBA short for Master of Business Administration is one of the most recommended permanent residency courses for UK and with a 94% employability rate at the end of the course, you can see why. This course is typically a postgraduate degree within the management spectrum and is recommended for students who have previously studied Human Resource, Management, Finance, Business, and Banking.

2- Civil Engineering

Another top recommended PR course in the UK, Civil Engineering is essential and in high demand all around the world. Involving the design, construction, and maintenance of Buildings, roads, dams and other important components that make up the infrastructure of that country. Offering graduates the opportunity to work within a multidisciplinary team, studying Civil Engineering in the UK is recommended for keen students looking to succeed.

3- Law

Another recommended option for permanent residency courses for UK, and that is Law. With a 93.3% employability rate after graduating, studying Law is recommended for those wishing for a smooth UK residency.

When studying Law at one of the UK’s top universities, you will gain a full understanding of legal matters that surround business, politics, as well as any ethical issues that might surround the trial at hand.

4- Medicine

Looking for an exciting and demanding pr course that you can be confident will always be in high demand? Then look no further than studying Medicine. When studying medicine for your permanent residency courses in the UK, you will already be a smarter and driven student wanting to expand your knowledge to help support and care for the wider community. With different sectors falling underneath medicine, when studying medicine, instead of the course running for 3 years, an average length of the course varies between 5-6 years.

A worthwhile course, studying medicine is recommended for anyone looking for a dynamic yet challenging vocation that they can cherish for the years to come.

5 – Computer Science

Another top recommended and exciting course that is advised for students looking for permanent residency courses in the UK and that is computer science. With technology continually evolving and so are our expectations in being able to access the latest technology, the need for computer scientists is important more so than ever.

With many options for potential careers at the end of your computer science degree, whether you want to become a business analyst, data scientist or even web developer, there are many exciting career paths to consider after studying.

6- Education

If you are a student looking for a challenging, yet rewarding career path that allows you to nurture and grow future generations, then consider studying a pr course in education. Whether you are intending to go work in a university, college or a centre of excellence for autism and educate special needs pupils, you can feel confident that you have chosen wisely with your course of choice.

With a range of different degrees available from Associates, Bachelors, Masters to Doctoral, decide which level of education is best suited to your needs.

7- Psychology

For those looking for pr courses for the UK that allows them to care and protect others while diving deeper into the inner workings of the mind, look no further than psychology. With many different degrees within psychology, for those swayed by this course, psychology students have an 83.7% employability rate once they have finished their course.

8- Architecture

Do you love thinking outside of the box and coming up with exciting design ideas? If so, then an architecture course would be well suited for you. With the UK being a top location to study this degree, this degree is a popular and competitive course that will require the use of both sides of the brain. By being both logical and creative, students within their courses will develop their management, but also their building skills.

9- Language

If you possess a love of languages and are considering studying a language degree, then the UK could be a top choice for you. By studying your chosen language, there are many different courses that may even require studying more than one language alongside one another.

While some students choose to only study languages, others may consider double majoring alongside the completion of another course.

10- Physiotherapy

Another popular and in high demand degree with high employment and permanent residency and that is Physiotherapy.

This degree involves the study of mental health, intensive care, outpatients and many more. After the completion of your course, there are many professional organizations such as the NHS that offer job placements to recently qualified graduates, making this course a top choice for those wanting to dive straight into a paid job.

There you have it, the ten top permanent residency courses for UK that you should consider.
Allowing you to learn and educate yourself while preparing for a successful career living in Great Britain, it is recommended that you consider one of these above courses that have a high employability rate and promise to be in high demand and desired for many years to come.

With more courses for UK PR, which of the recommended degrees above would you choose?

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