Explore London & Starts A Journey from ‘Bored to Beautiful Life’

Bored to Beautiful Life

Living in London? Is your life is all about the office to home and home to office? If your answer is yes then you are doing unjust to your life, which is the best present to human from the Almighty. London is just a beautiful place to live and explore if you are a travel lover. The worth-to-be-visited travel places, delicious food, and drinks make this place among the best tourist destinations in the world. If you want more then it is already embellished with museums, parks, pubs, and eye-catching natural destinations. It means London has everything to charm your life.

Our elders always say that excitement should not manipulate our thinking. Here this is in the context of exploring this destination without disturbing your budget. You can travel across the city only when you have sufficient amount to bear the planned and unplanned expenses. There is a harsh reality that many people changed their holiday plans just because of not having enough cash in their pockets. Well, this may happen to everyone and one cannot do anything specific. However, one thing that you can certainly do is seeking financial help in the form of borrowing options. It will take hardly a few minutes to complete and you can continue to your travel plans.

Now lets us back to our main topic and discuss what you can do at London to insert these holidays into your lifetime moments.

Walking around the parks and breathe fresh air

Parks are always being the most refreshing places where one can relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You can visit:

 1. Hyde Park and take pleasure of Serpentine Lake
 2. Regent’s Park to explore beautiful Rose Garden
 3. St. James’ Park to visit Royal Palaces
 4. Hampstead Heath to enjoying swimming
 5. Richmond Park to take snaps with deer

Apart from these places, you can also travel around the smaller green spaces around the surroundings of London. You can also enjoy here a picnic with your family members and have lunch with them.

Museums and Galleries

The Museums and galleries in the city are undoubtedly its most admired things for any travel lover. Mostly they are free to enter so that will not cost you too much. You can visit the British Museum, Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Museum of London and V&A.

While visiting these places, you can also walk around the Museum of Childhood where there are collections for vintage toys and games or at the Grant Museum of Zoology. They are also less expensive and visiting would be a new experience for you. While on holidays, you don’t want to take a rest because these moments may not come again and believe, London will never make you exhausted. Visit at its late night opening museums to enjoy live events, performances, discussions, and films. Around 150 galleries and museums open in East London during the late night that will charm your vacations like never before.

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Entertainment Places

You may have watched several dramas or movies in your own city but watching in London has its fascination. Visit London Theatre and enjoy the brilliant performances performing their skills of acting and take you to a different world. However, tickets may be expensive a bit for which buying tickets in Leicester Square would be a wise decision, as they sell tickets on half prices.

Live performances at the National Theatre are also worth to watch and you don’t have to lose your pocket more because the ticket is around £15 or you may watch much shorter plays. There are many free concerts also conducting around the city such as in the churches of St. Martin, St. James’s Piccadilly, Southbank Centre, and Covent Garden and at the pubs across Camden and Shoreditch. If you do not have enough time, you can watch movies at the Prince Charles Cinema or other cinemas, particularly at Leicester Square. You can also become a member of these clubs or cinemas if you want to frequently visit here.

Spectacular London Views

Wow! You cannot ask for more than that, the spectacular London views. They have their charm and they are enough to attract any travel aspirant. Go across London’s skyline from a park located around the city. Ready your camera to click beautiful pictures by standing at Primrose Hill, at the top of Hampstead Heath and Alexandra Palace in the North. To take a view from the south, you need to stand at Richmond and Greenwich parks.

If you want to take a much closer look, then come to the centre the city which is London’s most attractive bargain viewpoint. This is a historical place too where the Great Fire of London kicked start and the monument here was built in the 1670s. The most striking part is that you will be standing at the extremely central location of the city.

Add flavour to your holidays

If you are a food lover, you cannot restrict yourself from tasting delectable food items during your trip to London. The city is indeed value for money when it comes to food and drinks. Not only the particular London food menu, but you can also taste Vietnamese food at Chinatown, Kingsland and Indian food at Brick Lane or Southall. Thai, Mediterranean, Turkish, and Japanese foods are also served here. You can also make a visit at the various markets here namely the Real Food Market in Kings Cross, Portobello Road Market, the Southbank Centre, and Borough Market.

In the Nutshell

Life should not be restricted to just indulging in day to day activities. You need some rest and your visit to London will indeed more than enough. Here we discussed several things that you can do during your trip and also suggested the funding sources like fast loans with no guarantor if your budget is slightly tight to bear the holiday expenses. Just go ahead, enjoy the unforgettable tour in London and make your life more eligible to live.

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