How to Sign a PDF Format Document Online For Free On Any Platform

Sign PDF Format

Whenever you receive an emailed PDF document and you are supposed to sign it and send it back, you can opt for two things: either print out the document, sign it, scan it and then email it back or merely sign it electronically, and email it back in just a matter of few seconds, which is definitely way more easier and faster method.

For signing a PDF online there are two ways, either download a software for signing the PDF document or you can also sign the document free online. What’s great about signing PDF document online is that anyone can who has a laptop and a working internet connection can do it anytime and anywhere for professional as well as personal use.

You don’t need to buy any expensive software or hardware to accomplish this task.

Here is the list of top 5 free tools to sign a PDF:

PDF buddy

PDF buddy is an online PDF editor which lets you edit PDF files for free with this PDF editor. You can add text, images and digital signatures to your file as per your wish. It is the most powerful online PDF editor.

To add signature to your PDF file through PDF buddy, Open Download PDF buddy, and simply drag your PDF file to the grey box available or click on Choose PDF to edit option, browse through your computer, select the file and edit.

PDF Escape

PDF Escape is a free online PDF reader and editor. It is a new way to edit and open PDF files. It frees users from typical software requirements. PDFescape requires nothing more than a modern internet browser and an active internet connection.

PDF Escape is a free service and users of PDFescape can upload files to view them, modify them and even create new forms. Also it does not add any watermark, logo or any other tag to your document. You can access PDFescape from Download PDFescape. PDFescape is free forever but user accounts can also be upgraded to experience more editing options.


Dochub has made signing of documents really easy. In Dochub you can import a file directly using Drag & Drop Feature. After then make a digital signature on the document and send it back. With Dochub one can inert their real signature also using the application made available on smart phones.

You can also import a signature from a file or with a fancy font. Contacts signed and sent from Dochub constitutes legally binding agreements between the sender and the receiver. You can access Dochub at Download Dochub.

Global Sign

Global sign is a free PDF signing tool that allows users to easily apply and test digital signature to PDF documents using digital certificates residing in Windows certificate store or on USB or smart card device.

This tool is currently only supported by Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. You can access Globalsign here Download Globalsign.

PDF Zorro

PDF Zorro is a free, fast and easy way to upload and edit PDF files. Add comments, delete or rotate pages and add signature to the documents. PDFzorro uses SSL connection which keeps your uploaded files secure.

Along with being free PDFzorro also does not require any kind of downloading or installation to edit PDF files. After editing PDF files you can also delete your file from their cloud. PDFzorro works on any platform, all you have to do is open your browser and open PDFzorro.

If someone wants to sign any PDF document with your own signature they can use a professional and best desktop PDF signer like Wondershare PDF element.

Wondershare PDF element is a well-designed and application that consists of several features like modifying the texts, adding graphics, adding watermark, and putting digital signature to the documents. Wondershare covers all the other attributes of a PDF document one can ever think of.

Some of the online PDF signers also attach watermarks or logos to your documents after the editing work has been completed.

The Wondershare PDF element application is equipped with several wide-ranging editing features. Using this application you can access any element of your PDF document for modification. Its key features includes conversion of PDF files, creating PDF document, creating and filling PDF form, merging /splitting PDF forms etc. Wondershare is a very appropriate and reliable application for digital signature.

If you are adding signature to the PDF using Wondershare PDF element you have to do it by creating a digital ID. You must always ensure that you sign the PDF document with a certificate based digital ID and Wondershare PDF element gives you option to create your own certificate ID as well.

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