Understanding In Depth Why International Baccalaureate Is Important?

International Baccalaureate Canada

Today is the time where you need to foster internationally minded, knowledgeable, caring young students who will create a world, a peaceful place to reside by understanding, respecting each other.

Students should grow beyond the academic rigor and blossom with excellent skills that will benefit them a lifetime. Such a continuum of education, International Baccalaureate Canada program is laid down 50 years back with the aim to deliver academic excellence in schools.

It offers different programs according to various age groups and in just a snap of a finger became the outstanding school curriculum and assessment system.

The British education system would really stand out and be incredibly rich in knowledge if all the schools adopt this program.

It should not be a tough decision about whether to choose International Baccalaureate or not. We are sure you would regret not taking it right now after knowing the magnitude and the benefits in this content.

Look no further, this blog is specially designed for you. So let’s get started…

Some schools have started offering IB as an independent program. Why so? Because a recent study at Oxford/Nesta 2018 shows that jobs in the future might get different. How different is still unknown but yes, it may get less cognitive.

International Baccalaureate focuses more on individual growth, problem-solving, skills required for future employment and more.

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The top benefits of taking up this program are:

Global recognition:

You would be surprised to know that International Baccalaureate is recognized by all leading universities. You get exposure to the world, irrespective of where do you appear for your exams.

Unlike country-specific programs the evaluation procedure is well understood by the admission officers and they are able to have a fair comparison before giving the admission.

The program has greater outreach to US universities than the UK.

We are sure, you would not overlook this global recognition factor anymore now.

Prepares you for University:

International Baccalaureate definitely is an effective university preparation program which teaches students a different set of skills that will set them high.

It makes you practice all the fundamentals that are being used at the university level. You would be skilled at report writing, essay writing, source citing and more. So if you are assigned a 4000-word research assignment, you would not get shocked as you already have been there and done that.

Others students of your batch would be looking out for references and ways to perform the assignment and on the other hand, you would already prowess it.

Since you would have been taught to do it all by yourself, you will become an expert at time management and be the in charge of your own task.

We know getting into University is not a cakewalk, many students take a back foot and have a hard time getting along with the environment.

But if you are an International Baccalaureate student, you would be at par and get along easily with the transition. You would have hands on the curriculum pattern and it would be easy for you to understand how theories are applied.

Critical Reasoning is what International Baccalaureate masters in. You would be able to view things differently and perceive different ideas and logic by thinking out of the box.

Personal development:

International Baccalaureate cannot get promising than growing you as a Human. The whole motive behind bringing this program into practice is to create a more peaceful place for the people who in the future will make meaningful contributions.

International Baccalaureate emphasis on the emotional and social development of an individual by involving them in outside the class activities.

Though allowing you to get involved in other activities, International Baccalaureate enforces a balanced approach developing softer skills and team bonding.

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Well-rounded education:

With International Baccalaureate, you get exposure to a wide range of subjects and another curriculum. An interesting thing that lies here is, it is “you” who would be selecting from the pool of curriculum.

Subjects like psychology, philosophy, computer science, global politics and many more are included in International Baccalaureate school’s subject list. This selection part may not be the case with other school’s teaching procedure.

This is the foremost reason why International Baccalaureate develops a well-rounded education. Choosing the right order of your curriculum shows your strength, adaptability, and ability to push yourself through.

This procedure allows you to concentrate well on your weak subject areas. A weak score in less favorite subject needs more time and hard work which International Baccalaureate program allows you to have.

No doubt, as mentioned earlier choosing of the subjects is in your hands, so it is on you which subjects you would like to study more intensely.  This means you can devote an equal amount of time for your favorites and fewer favorites too.

Fourth-education revolution:

With the implementation of AI, the education system is being revolutionized in schools and colleges. It is now imperative for us to find ways to negotiate the world. There is the need to design a curriculum which will produce the right information at the right time.

International Baccalaureate’s approach allows young students to think for themselves and not others.

The advantages offered by the International Baccalaureate program are not quantifiable and there is a wealth of evidence about student achievements that prove why IB is worth.

The program completely refines the student individually and with no second thought, you are likely to be more responsible and productive citizens ever.

International Baccalaureate Canada program completely relates to the Albert Einstein saying, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”.

More than 5000 schools around the world have taken up this program to nurture their students with the best curriculum. The program dedicates itself towards both, academic and personal growth of the student.

The International Baccalaureate program consists of six academic subject groups that are listed below:

1. Studies in language and literature;
2. Language acquisition;
3. Individuals and societies;
4. Sciences;
5. Mathematics;
6. Arts.

International Baccalaureate masters in fostering a highly balanced intellectual. With the International Baccalaureate environment, you can have your own independent research knowledge, theory knowledge, and philosophical knowledge.

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