Top 5 Simple Tips That Help You Start a School in India

Start a School in India

From the words of Nelson Mandela, we can gather that education is definitely one of the most powerful weapons that one can employ to change this world, and rightly so. A school imparts education that facilitates learning, knowledge and skill to survive, and excel in today’s competitive world. You too can start a school, and serve society as education is such a noble profession. Besides, there is no better investment than starting a school as it’s a prospering sector. Not only will you serve society by nourishing young minds and providing employment to many individuals, but will also get a decent return. Hence, if you are planning to start a school, here are a few simple tips to tide you over.

Tips That Help to Start a School in India

Be Patient

Patience is the key! Firstly, you must understand that in order to start school, you have to be patient as opening a school requires time, resource and labour. You need to accept the fact that you cannot open a school in India in a day or a week; it takes at least 2-3 years to make it operational, as it is a lengthy and complicated process. Moreover, since the investment is huge, the return on investment time is a bit longer. It will take a few years before you start making any profit. Furthermore, there are so many things that you need to take into consideration while starting a school, from conceptualising your plan to financial viability to launching and operating the school on a daily basis. And all this calls for patience and relentless commitment to achieving your goal of opening a school in India.

Effective Brainstorming

Brainstorm as many ideas as possible! Form a committee of like-minded individuals, who have the time and financial aid to help you in your venture. Careful consideration and planning are needed to determine what kind of school do you want to open and where. You need to develop a business plan and define a budget, once you have decided whether you want to open a Pre-School or an IB, ICSE or CBSE K-12 School. In addition, there is also a decision to be made whether you want to buy a school franchise or start n independent day school or a boarding school. You need to understand that creating a business plan and finding funding to start a school is of utmost importance as these define the course of your school. Once, the basics have been sorted, the next step is to get the paperwork done thoroughly.

Diligent Documentation

There are a number of norms and guidelines to follow for starting a school; and hence, you need to be thorough with the paperwork to avoid any roadblocks in the smooth operation of your school. As soon as you decide to open a school in India, you need to prepare a checklist of processes and documentation. Different affiliations have different requirements in terms of set up and operations. So, once you have chosen the board or council, you need to apply for the affiliation. Along with this, you need to take care of various other statutory approvals, NOCs and legal documents; hence hire professionals with expertise in this domain.

Recruit the Best

Hiring and training the staff and faculty is not only essential but also critical for opening a school. Your faculty will determine the quality of education at your school and eventually its success. Hence, to start a school, recruit educators, who are passionate about teaching and compassionate with students. As for other key staff members, hire and retain first-rate individuals as they will eventually form the backbone of your school. Be it the principal, business manager, head administrator or other administrative staff, recruit them a few months before the start of the new session. You can work with them on defining the school structure, curriculum, educational supplies, etc. for smooth operation from day one. Also, conduct a training session to familiarise them with your school policies, procedures and vision.

Market you’re School

To open a school in India on the right note, it is important to create a buzz about it, especially among local parent groups. You need to come up with a high-impact branding, marketing and public relations plan to be successful in carving a niche in the market. Moreover, you need to study and know you are market like the back of your hand. There are many creative and cost-effective ways of marketing, such as listing it on a marketplace. A good marketing campaign will translate into better football. Although, it will be tempting to enrol everyone, who comes for admission, especially when you are new in the market, try not to do so. Enrol only those students who complement the vision of your school as they will eventually determine the quality of your school.

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