Top 10 Most Breathtaking Gardens in the World

Breathtaking Gardens

We recommend hiring an expert to design your botanical garden whenever you need to. You can even do it on your own with a little training; it’s so much fun designing one. You may even use knew gardens map and others that we will talk about here to see the design that will suit your land.

We are going to talk about botanical gardens Birmingham and other beautiful gardens worldwide. These gardens are the best places to go to whenever you want to feel calm or peaceful. It might cost a lot to travel to those gardens but it will be worth it.

10 Amazing Garden’s Design in the world

1. Desert botanical in America

This garden design presents a variety of beautiful plants. The size of the design is one hundred and forty acres and there are over twenty-one thousand plants from 139 unique species. The design is also popular for its one hundred and sixty-nine unique desert plants species.

Besides all that, this landscape garden also has 1,350 unique kinds of cactus plants. It also has nicely-kept trails making it easy for people to walk around.

2. Claude Monet in France

Claude garden design is split into 2 sections. There is a section for flowers and another one for water. The design was created by a painter named Claude Monet who used to love living in a calm and nice environment.

Monet began this garden design in 1890. The design currently has many flowers of various species. The most attractive ones are climbing roses. And apart from flowers, the design also has several fruit trees.

3. Longwood in America

This design occupies 1077 acres of land. This is where you can find forty amazing sections and 4.5 acres of greenhouses. This huge garden design has eleven thousand unique trees and plants. The most outstanding section of this design is the meadow garden that occupies 86 acres.

Longwood design has properly maintained trails which are three miles long. It also has several resources of water and it protects birds and other animals.

4. Villa Taranto in Italy

This design occupies sixteen hectares of land and has twenty thousand unique floras from various varieties. Here you will also find waterfalls, statues, waterholes, and founts.

This design has a 4.3 miles walking path where people walk to enjoy beautiful flowers and various things. The main collection at the garden is tropical plants, heathers, lotus, and magnolias.

Visiting this region is free; people may go there any time of the year. If you go there in April, you will enjoy sprouting tulip flowers.

5. Royal Botanic in London

From Kew gardens map, it occupies 326 land acres. It has over fifty thousand unique plant species. The garden is additionally a universe legacy place. Apart from the nice garden, when people visit they will explore climatic zones, greenhouses, and galleries of art.

This garden was created by Princess Augusta back in 1759. Other designers also redesigned it later. They added more plants, greenhouses and they even made the surrounding more beautiful making it look like most Cambridge botanical gardens.

6. Butchart in Canada

This garden is known worldwide and it is again Canada’s historic site. Here you will find tropical flowers and waterholes. The garden occupies twenty-two hectares and it has seven hundred different kinds of plants.

The garden was originally designed by a couple for twelve years since 1909. This garden currently is also a home for birds and butterflies and its pond protects several ducks. Besides the nice garden design, when you go there you will enjoy fireworks, nights of music and light shows.

7. Nong Nooch in Thailand

This garden design is also among the most amazing visitors’ attraction sites around Thailand. The design occupies five hundred acres and it has a variety of flora. There are flowers from almost seven hundred varieties.

The design of Nong Nooch is symmetrical. It has a walking path which is around one kilometer long. When you visit, you will see palms, bonsai, orchids and other plants planted in different parts. You will also notice some nicely-cut shrubs as you walk around.

8. Château de Villandry in France

This garden design contains 6 wonderful gardens in 6 terraces. At the top is the sun followed by ornamental. The one at the bottom is the herb section.
The sun section has nice meadow plants and is enclosed by lime plants. There is also a pond in its center.

A water section is a great place for people to relax. There you will see great founts and grass places. It also has a waterhole at its middle.
The herb design at the bottom has various medicinal plants. The design is circular and it denotes eternity.

9. Versailles in France

This is among the biggest sky gardens worldwide. It occupies eight hundred hectares and it has a great French design. Here you will come across forests, flowerbeds, canals, statues, and fountains. There are two hundred thousand trees and over two hundred thousand flowering plants.

10. Keukenhof in the Netherlands

This is the biggest landscape garden design for flowers worldwide. It occupies thirty-two hectares and has seven million flowering plants.

You can only go there during spring, between March and May. While there you will see tulip flowers, bluebells, daffodils, and hyacinths.

Another outstanding thing about this design is that every year it has new themes.


You have now known the most amazing garden design that exists. Which of these designs might you want to visit and why? Write to us and if you would like to know how to get to knew gardens or you have any regarding landscape and planting designs.

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