Top 9 Colleges for Fashion Photography in India

Fashion Photography Colleges

If there is one profession that is rising in popularity, it is that of fashion photography. Yes, what was once a mere hobby has today become a full-blown career option for enthusiasts. However, it is always better to pursue a professional course designed to instill in students all the needed technical and practical knowledge.

1. Pearl Academy of Fashion

Hands down, the Pearl Academy of Fashion is currently one of the most sought-after fashion photography colleges in India. Offering a holistic approach to education, the academy offers students the opportunity to enter as a novice and pass out as a professional fashion photographer in a year. The vast 100,000 sq. ft. of campus space is carefully designed around the needs of students and is well-equipped with all digital amenities needed for a 360-degree learning experience.

2. JD Institute of Fashion Technology (JDIFT)

Aspirants looking for a Diploma course in fashion photography can choose the JD Institute of Fashion Technology, which offers a three-month Diploma course in the field. Life at the JD Institute of Fashion Technology is filled with exciting events, seminars, academic exhibitions, and workshops that help in advancing one’s career.

3. Delhi College of Photography

Depending upon the level where one is at, Delhi College of Photography is also one of the leading fashion photography colleges in India, offering introductory, advanced, and specialisation courses. The college is well-equipped with a multimedia projector room, B&W dark room, a light studio powered by Elinchrom, and other advanced equipment and facilities.

4. Light and Life Academy

Located in the beautiful city of Ooty, this institute is a non-profit educational trust offering Diploma courses in fashion photography along with short-duration workshops for career development. Besides a campus that is perched at a whopping height of 7000 ft., the academy houses modern amenities like an equipment room, day light studio, and is supported by Kodak India, Calumet-USA, and Gretag Imaging- Switzerland.

5. The One School Goa

This interdisciplinary creative media school is headed by the famous fashion photographer, Shantanu Sheorey. Their integrated photography course runs for three years, and the only eligibility requirement is for candidates to have a passion for photography. The school follows an international curriculum to prepare fashion photographers of the future.

6. National Institute of Photography

Located in the vibrant city of Mumbai, this institute offers a wide range of fashion photography courses, even crash courses, diplomas, and advanced courses. One key feature of this institute is that utmost attention is given to practical learning of a subject for in-depth knowledge.

7. IIP Academy

Offering a specialisation program and a Diploma in fashion photography, the IIP Academy in Delhi-NCR is a photograph-exclusive institute, packed with all the modern amenities and facilities needed for a 360-degree learning experience for students.

8. CES Institute of Fashion Technology

Located in Yelahanka of Bengaluru, the CES Institute of fashion technology offers a three-month course in fashion photography. The course is an easy-to-learn curriculum that is tailor-made for a successful career as a professional fashion photographer, photoblogger, and more.

9. Images Redefined Photography Institute

Located in the City of Joy, Kolkata, this institute houses some of the leading photographers of the country as professors. The course includes in-class learning, practical training, short but dynamic workshops, and collaborative research projects.

It is crucial to choose a professional course from top fashion photography colleges in India for a successful career in an industry so vast and competitive. Internationally-acclaimed institutions like the Pearl Academy offer a comprehensive 360-degree learning model wherein students are trained holistically for a successful career in the field.

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