Top Common Grammatical Errors in English

Common Grammar Mistakes

Every person who is trying to learn a new language knows how hard grammar rules can be. English with all its grammar rules can bring a lot of headaches, especially for international students. Frankly, no one wants to spend hours exploring endings, declensions, and sentences structure. But without knowledge of grammar, you will always make elementary mistakes. You must be questioning yourself: “How can I prevent myself from bad grammar?”. As usual, the easiest way to avoid bad grammar is to start realizing the mistake every time there is a mistake.

Fortunately, preventing yourself from grammar mistakes is quite possible. Armed with the right materials and choosing the right learning strategy, you can avoid common mistakes and even have fun while studying. We prepared you a helpful infographic with common grammar mistakes and simple advise “how to avoid them”. Each mistake is providing with examples of incorrect and correct using specific grammar rule.

Now you will be able to prevent yourself from the most popular grammar mistakes in English. We provide you with answers to further questions:

  1. When to use “between” or “among” prepositions?
  2. What nouns require a/an or no article?
  3. How to distinguish confusing homophones?
  4. When to place a comma correctly?
  5. What is the difference between using “than” and “then” words?
Grammatical Errors

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