Amazing Facts on Pampering Your Skin with Shea Butter

Pampering Your Skin with Shea Butter

A quick view from the past

The Shea tree has ordinarily involved West Africa for quite a long time, stretching out from Senegal to Sudan and up to the lower districts of Ethiopia. According to the African history containers of the newly extricated Shea butter for skin and hair care was transported in the midst of Cleopatra’s rule. Surely, even the Queen of Sheba is said to have used the advantages of Shea butter. The Shea Butter separated from the nuts was used for its retouching and sound skin properties. The tree is furthermore seen as blessed by various tribes in Africa. It is still extensively utilized in Africa to shield the skin and hair from the remorseless sun and dry breezes.

While in the antiquated times it was well known to work with the separated oil with hands, degrees of progress in advancement have incited particular strategies, for instance, mud filtering and using hexane for the last extraction of Shea margarine. A few tribes also blend it with palm oil and use it for cooking purposes.

Popularity among African women

The women of the ancient times valued Shea butter for its multiple benefits. The ladies of Africa had a great trust on Shea butter for hair and skin both. Here are the amazing benefits of this God gifted treasure.

1. Prevents stretch marks

Stretch marks are the common unwanted gifts of pregnancy, almost every woman complains about it when she is done with the delivery of the child. There are many products that offer getting rid of it, but definitely, you cannot afford everything, every time for your body and what’s better than something natural? African ladies apply Shea butter on their body as they believe that this is the best remedy for the stretch marks and no doubt it truly works like a magic.

2. Ease in baby delivering

The ancient African ladies used to sit in a tub having Shea butter as they found it easy to deliver the baby and reduce the pain of delivery caused due to contractions. In different mythologies, different things are tested for this period. As giving birth to a baby is not an easy deal, it takes a lot of courage and strength at the same time.

3. Prevents bacterial infection

Newborn children in Africa are covered in the layers of Shea butter as their families believe that it prevents the newcomer from bacterial infections. The natural solutions for such problems are considered better as compared to the manmade ones. People also consider it for skin burns and inflammation.

4. Best for baby massage

People of Africa still consider massage as a therapy for the newcomer. They use shea butter for this purpose as they say that this is safe for the skin of the baby and has multiple benefits. They also use it for different skin treatments. Shea butter because of its moisturizing effect allows you to treat your baby without giving him greasy or oily effect.

5. A perfect moisturizer

Who won’t love a perfect moisturizer? Shea butter is one of the best lip balms and it also avoids oily chap because of its moisturizing qualities. There are so many best moisturizers you can always grab by availing these amazing Pretty Little Thing discount code and pamper your skin with love and affection.


Shea butter is valued by the African ladies from the ancient ages, although it has been centuries still they have a great bond with this blessing. Starting from childbirth ease and protection the journey goes on towards the set of multiple benefits on skin and hair. Africa gives birth to such a valuable blessing, which is not loved for its functional benefits but surely also for its heavenly fragrance and has gained utter popularity all over the world.

Nature always has got solutions for your problems and surely, Shea butter is one among those. It not only helps you in curing the skin related issues but also provides you an opportunity to treat yourself best by using it.

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