Top 15 Best Healthy Vegetarian Diet that helps Pregnant Women

Healthy Vegetarian Diet for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, your body goes through several hormonal and physical changes. During this time, the way you nourish your body will affect the health of you and your child. Therefore, you should eat a healthy, balanced diet to stay healthy during pregnancy. But an individual who eats only vegetarian foods may fall short of several necessary nutrients if not given attention properly. So, here in this article below, we are going to provide a list of the top 15 healthy vegetarian superfood diets that will help you throughout your pregnancy.

So, when you are going to follow the vegetarian diet plan then make sure that your child gets sufficient nutrition to nurture and develop the body. There are some guidelines for healthy vegetarian food for you during pregnancy which you can follow to get a healthy weight and diet for yourself and your baby. So, before knowing the diet plan or list of vegetarian superfoods let’s know about various types of vegetarian foods that you can have during pregnancy.

Types of vegetarians Foods For Pregnancy Diet:

Let’s here know the different types of vegetarian foods that you can safely have during pregnancy. But, be careful in case you are allergic to any food. So, if you are allergic to any food, avoid adding them to your diet right away. No matter how much nutrients it serves to others, it will only harm you and may also your baby.


This type of diet includes fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, seeds, and nuts. This diet excludes all animal sources of protein, including meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, and other dairy products.


In this diet, a vegetarian diet includes dairy products in addition to the above foods. But meat, poultry, fish, and eggs are excluded from this diet.


The vegetarian diet in this diet includes dairy products and eggs in addition to the foods mentioned above. But meat, poultry, and fish are excluded from the diet.


This diet consists of omega-3 rich varieties of dairy products, eggs, and fat-filled with fish, in addition to the above foods in the vegetarian diet. Meat and poultry are excluded from the diet.

A Sample Diet Plan For Vegetarian Pregnant Women:

During pregnancy, certain foods can also harm the development of your baby. Ensure that you eat well-cooked foods to avoid exposure to salmonella, toxoplasmosis, and other harmful bacteria. Reduce or eliminate caffeinated beverages (soda, coffee) from your daily intake, and maintain a proper exercise program throughout your pregnancy.

Walking and swimming are considered healthy activities during pregnancy, but always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program. So, here we go with the vegetarian diet chart for pregnant lady below…

Early Morning:

Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make it a good morning with some delicious meals that will fill you with energy and stamina. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast gives you energy and adds calories to your diet. It helps to restore your body’s blood sugar level after being hungry for so many hours.

A glass of full-fat milk and 5 Almond


A bowl of poha and some slices of watermelon


Mixed fruit chat


Never miss lunch! Three proper meals a day are important for both you and your unborn child. Eat A bowl of rice, Aloo gobi sabji, and A bowl of dal.

After Lunch:

A grapefruit or a fruit of your choice

Evening Snack:

Satisfy your evening hunger in the evening with Fruit salad


Early dinner makes you feel light and healthy.

2 whole wheat roti or Mixed veg sabji

Bedtime Snack:

A handful of mixed nuts or A glass of buttermilk


A healthy diet is one of the most important things that are very important for the birth of a healthy baby. Instead of taking carbohydrates alone, we have given you a plan of how to make a healthy diet chart for pregnancy.

15 Healthy Vegetarian Foods For Pregnant Women:

Pregnancy is the most important period of a woman’s life and it comes with many changes in the lives of women. At this time you have to face many hormonal changes in your body. The mood can affect appetite and body metabolism. So, see what food you can eat without getting fat unnecessarily.1. Milk and Dairy Products

1. Milk And Dairy Products:

There are diverse views when it comes to adding milk and products made with milk in the pregnancy diet. However, milk is very helpful for a pregnant woman. Milk is vastly nutritious as well as an energetic source of vitamin D and calcium for pregnant women. It offers you a mass of nutrients that you’ll need for the strong development of your child.

2. Seasonal Fruits

Seasonal fruits are the most vital part of a pregnant woman’s diet and eating seasonal fruits rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins offers nutrition for the would-be mother and baby. Some of the important nutrients are gotten from fruits only, and those nutrients help you and your baby. You can eat seasonal fruits such as Banana, Kiwi, Guava, Apple, Pear, Custard Apple, Pomegranate, Avocados, Mango, Cherries, Strawberries, Watermelon, Chikoo (Sapodilla), Blueberries, Oranges, and Grapes.

3. Bread and Grains

Enriched, cereals and whole-grain bread are stimulated with iron and folic acid and have more fiber as compared to white rice and white bread. So you must include whole grains into your daily pregnancy diet. You can have oatmeal for breakfast, 1 sandwich made with whole-grain bread at lunch, as well as brown rice or whole-wheat pasta for dinner.

4. Sprouted Beans

Sprouts are recognized to be very rich in nutrients. You can eat it in cooked form or raw form. But one should be careful while planning to add sprouts into the diet during pregnancy. Because some researchers say you should avoid them during pregnancy. So, you should turn to your nutritionist or doctor before adding them to your diet. The injurious bacteria inside the sprouts can cause numerous ill-effects on pregnant women.

5. Watermelon

Watermelon is rich in vitamins A, C as well as B6, and magnesium, and potassium. Magnesium helps muscles relax, which prevents premature shrinkages during pregnancy and potassium prevents cramps. Furthermore, watermelon helps to fight your morning sickness, prevent dehydration, and reduce heartburn during pregnancy.

6. Masoor Dal

Masoor dal is an easy-to-digest food as compared to arhar dal. It’s thus a better option for a pregnant lady, as it will offer you protein but it will not leave you feeling uncomfortable when you have them.

7. Lemon Water

Consumption of Lemon and lemon juice can help relieve vomiting and nausea during pregnancy. And it is usually a harmless option. Nevertheless, women who are thinking of treating the effects of pregnancy with lemon juice should consult their doctor first. People can eat lemon in the methods of lemon water, lemon tea, and lemon juice.

8. Salad

Pregnancy effects come with many cravings for food, and you need to know what’s safe to consume, and what’s not. In case you go crazy for salads, then you know better that there’s nearly nothing more energizing than having a cold & crunchy salad preparation. However, pregnant ladies need to be cautious about the salads they pick to include in their pregnancy diet.

9. Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fiber, making them the most important diet for pregnant women. Dry fruits comprise crucial vitamins such as B1 to B9, C, E, H, and K. These satisfy your hunger easily and are safe for consumption throughout pregnancy. But you need to be cautious regarding the amount of dry fruit you consume as too much of them can cause various complications during pregnancy. So, you can eat them, but in sensible quantities.

10. Green Vegetables

No doubt that green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and kale, are rich in nutrients that you will need during pregnancy. Even if you do not love eating green vegetables, you must include them in your diet during pregnancy. Benefits include vitamin C, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium, folate, potassium, and iron.

11. Barley

Like several other nourishments, barley is harmless to eat in moderate quantities. eating it in extreme quantities might make you feel sick, particularly when you have a gluten allergy or weak immune system. Barley kanji or Barley water is a shared health drink for pregnant women.

12. Peanuts

Peanuts are really a portion of good food for pregnant ladies. They comprise folate and protein. folic acid and Folate supplements are suggested during pregnancy by doctors to help avoid birth defects, mainly of the developing spine and brain.

13. Dates

Dates are likewise loaded with high fiber to keep the pregnant woman’s digestive system running effortlessly. And consequently, you are less on the verge of dealing with constipation problems during pregnancy. Dates are as well a source of high folate, which helps decrease the probability of birth defects. These are also rich in vitamin K and iron.

14. Legumes

Legumes are boundless sources of plant-based protein, fiber, iron, calcium, and folate. Your body needs all of them in more amount during pregnancy. Folate is among the most vital B vitamins (B9). It is very significant for you as well as your unborn baby, particularly during the first trimester, as well as even before.

15. Paneer

Paneer is rich in calcium as well as first-class protein and therefore, you can include it to meet your daily recommended dosage of such nutrients. It’s also suggested to eat cooked forms of paneer so that you can digest it easily. You should include paneer in the pregnancy diet in case you aren’t lactose intolerant.

Your baby gets the necessary nutrients from you, so it is important that you take good care of your health and follow a balanced diet designed for pregnant women. Weight gain during pregnancy is a cause of concern for every woman, so it is very important to follow a balanced diet table during pregnancy that will keep you healthy and prevent unnecessary weight gain. In this article, you read the vegetarian diet table for pregnant women which is very beneficial for you and your baby, full of nutrition.

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