Internet Marketing – PPC Advertising and YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Internet marketing is the most important thing today if you want to excel in business. The online world has brought the entire world together and made business easy anywhere. If you want to enhance the number of buyers from all across the globe then you must get on the Internet and popularize your website. Among the various ways of internet marketing, PPC is an important one. PPC or Pay Per Click ensures that the advisor will be paying a fee to the search engine every time a viewer clicks on the link. Sponsored links are placed strategically on the search engine page. For a successful PPC campaign, your research and selection of keywords have to be perfect. Intelligently devised PPC campaigns cost the companies much less because the search engines give a rebate for useful landing pages and ads.

PPC Advertising

YouTube-marketing is another way of popularizing your company on the internet. Creating delightful videos that get free subscribers hooked on to your brand. Understand your audience, create videos that they like, interact with them through the comments section, and increase the number of subscribers – following these will help you connect the consumer viewers to your website and increase your traffic which is the ultimate aim of any kind of internet marketing.

When these two great methods of internet marketing are combined you get PPC on YouTube which is presently one of the biggest things in internet marketing. YouTube has a huge volume of viewers roughly 4 billion on a daily basis and almost 490 million new visitors each month. The cost per view on YouTube ads is also much less than PPC on other platforms.

Kinds of YouTube PPC advertisements

If you are planning to try out this new combination for internet marketing and understand how to get more views on youtube, then, here are some potential formats of advertisements.

Video ads that you can skip: You have seen videos beginning with an advertisement and a small logo on the right that says ‘Skip Ad’. The option to skip does not force the viewers to you to watch the video and that at the company is not trying too hard to sell its products. This kind of TrueView ADS is chargeable on the basis of cost per view. It also depends on the kind of viewers you are targeting. For these ads, YouTube provides you with key phrases, topics, location, categories, and placements. For marketing through PPC campaigns, it is important to create eye-catching content that adds value and pushes consumers to watch till the end.

The non-skippable ads:

These keep rolling before the original video starts and you can’t skip it. These ads are best for start-ups because the consumer must watch and absorb the information being provided. Non-skippable advertisements are cheaper though.

Bumper ads:

The bumper ads are much cheaper than TrueView. This is because the viewers have no option but to watch these ads for 6 seconds before the video starts. These are used for increasing brand awareness and building brand image.

These ads are connected with the content that is featured in a particular video that the user is looking for. The viewer is given an option of browsing the cards according to their requirement. Sponsored cards help to earn extra cash and promote the product.

Is YouTube PPC necessary for business?

YouTube is the third largest search engine on the internet so doing PPC on YouTube can actually benefit your brand. Read on to understand why you must invest in this.

Large Marketplace

YouTube has almost 1.3 billion users which constitute almost one-third of active internet users. This huge number of viewers watches almost 5 billion YouTube videos every day. So that is not a meaningful number and this can only increase in the future. So, your audience and buyer data are already available. You simply have to come up with great videos to keep them hooked to your link.


YouTube provides you with all the important pointers necessary for building a marketing strategy. You can create videos on different topics, demographics, category, and key phrases. Therefore, your job of organizing targeted campaigns becomes much easier with the help of YouTube.

Time factor

Most internet marketing techniques are designed in ways to make the viewers or consumers remain on the website for extended time periods. In the case of YouTube, people already spend a large part of their waking hour watching videos. So, the viewers are already present you simply have to channelize them to your website or link.

Quality content is everything in the digital world. Good content means you get more viewers and don’t have to buy youtube views or buy youtube subscribers. In addition, you can add the PPC campaigns for greater returns.

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