Where to Design Your Excellent Logo?

Design Excellent Logo

How to make a logo for your business? This is a problem that indeed freaks many startups and blogger out. But take it easy. Even without a bundle of cash to take on a capable designer or company, you can design a logo with robust tools to speak out your brand simply and effectively.

Using applications to make your company logo is an economical and effective alternative. Displaying the creative logo can be crucial in positioning your brand and consequently in winning new customers.

The following list is intended to facilitate your design of how to create a logo for your brand and showed that you do not necessarily need to invest heavily.

All of these programs will assist you in the process of how to make a logo that will generate good results for your company.

Here are some points that we’ll talk about:

1. Learning the importance of having a good logo on your business

A good logo must communicate to the public, through colors, icons, etc. As it is the central performance worked in the company and, moreover, it must be easy to memorize so it would make the possible for the audience to make a connection to the logo with the brand.

When making a logo that applies your company in reality, it should be present in all your business communication material, such as emails sign, business cards, and advertisements.

2. Some of the critical features that suitable logo generators should have:

a. Ease of use: If you do not have much experience and choose a program that is intuitive and straightforward, many applications on this list have predesigned templates with which you can make your logo in just a few seconds.

b. Professional Design: Although you do not want to spend a lot of money to hire a professional graphic designer, you do not have to settle for a low-quality logo either. Make sure to use the right software with professional designs to avoid degrading your brand.

c. Customizable: If you only use generic templates, you will not be able to create an outstanding and memorable logo for your brand. A logo maker should offer enough customization options to help you create a unique image.

d. Price: Although a logo generator is cheaper than hiring a designer, it is essential to check the price-performance ratio to ensure that the tool fits your budget.

Where to create your brilliant logo?


Among the various tools available online for creating logos, DesignEvo is one of the most straightforward and most feature-rich.

It provides more than 9000 templates organized in different categories that can be used as a starting point for creating your logo. It gives a vast designing library for users to design their unique logo. Also, a useful editor will provide them with a hand to move the project more comfortable and quicker.

Best of best, it has the “Preview” function so you could check the logo before you download, even the file you have saved, it still can be re-edited.

DesignEvo can also be tried for free, but with some limitations, such as the low resolution of the downloadable file and the impossibility of downloading your logo in vector format.


Although the tool is easy to control, it is fantastic to play a video to learn how does the program work and some tips. Followed the video, some guide would display to tell me how to manage your logo designing task. Below the canvas, there are some videos to show you some operation.

The operation is effortless and basic, as soon as you access the website, you have a blank canvas so you can start designing your logo.

Entering keywords to choose the image you want in the search engine and then customize it by setting color, adding text or shape.

Once everything is prepared, you can download it in free in low-resolution. Paying a small fee upgrade to high-resolution file is fine.


This program is widely used to design your own logo for free.

It is straightforward to use, click on the button “Create a Logo,” choose the name to your company and this platform will give you many logos options for you to choose.

Once chosen the one you like, if you give it to continue, you can edit it and when you have it, you can download it in PNG using the free version. But the logo will come with watermark and small format.

It is a simple, practical, useful and free tool where you will not even have to sign up.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is used more and more to do everything from mobile to virtual assistants to work better, so why not apply them to design logos? An excellent example of AI in the creation of logos is LogoJoy.

Logojoy is an online logo design software that uses creative intelligence to help you create professional logos in just 30 seconds. Just enter the necessary information (for example, Name of the company, Industry), choose some of the designs and templates and created (to be used as inspiration) and Logojoy will take care of the rest. The application creates numerous logo designs based on the data you have provided and you can choose any of them. Once a logo is finalized, you can adjust its different elements, such as the size of the font and the spacing of the elements. Logojoy also allows you to preview a logo to get an idea of the effect of the logo you designed when printed on t-shirts, business cards and more.


If you are looking for a text-based logo, Supalogo would be an excellent tool to do you a favor.

This application provides various editors to make a great effect on the text you entered. Also, it provides a wide range of premade logo design for you to choose and to customize.

It is super easy to use the tool to create a fantastic letter-based logo.

Final thought

As you have read in the article, it is possible to create a logo for your website in a quick, cheap and straightforward way since all the tools you have seen are free and premium available or 100% free.

The best option is to hire a graphic designer to create it for you, but if you have the creativity to do it yourself, it may be a great try to design your own logo.

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