Top 3 Types of Sarees That Are Comfortable to Wear

Types of Sarees

The elegance of the saree may not be expressed in a few words. Different kinds of sarees give us a different look. The diverse patterns, fabric, and styles will make us go awe. Saree is a popular outfit and it is traditional ethnic wear which people have been wearing for hundreds of years. Indian women particularly love sarees because they come in different styles and each style can be worn for a different occasion. There are separate sarees for wedding, a party, a festival, or an event. It is a known fact that Indian women look they are very best in a saree.

The greatness of a saree

Saree is an amazing loose clothing piece that is worn by women across the globe. A saree requires special care as they are knitted with ultimate perfection with fine fabrics. Later, the process is completed with beautiful patterns. In India, diverse regions produce diverse types of sarees with a range of designs and fabrics. Besides, the draping styles are different in different regions in India.

Are modern-day wearing sarees?

Sarees are woven and designed for special reasons and occasions. So, you have different saree on different occasions. But currently, women have a busy life as they are working on par with men. They do not have so much time to drape a saree each day. Draping needs a lot of effort and it creates a bit of hassle for working women. So, women are now preferring to wear a saree only when they go out to parties, events, office occasions, and during festivals. But, the popularity of a saree will never go.

There are diverse varieties of sarees now and some are called Assam Silk, Banarasi sari, Kanchipuram silk sari, Tant Jamdani, Opara Silk, Chanderi Silk, and many more. For traditional occasions, Indians think of a saree more than any other dress. Some women wear a saree for daily use as well. So, they keep on updating with new models and styles, making it the most worn piece of clothing in India.

3 types of comfortable sarees for women

1. Faux Georgette Sarees:

These sarees are exceedingly lightweight but they give you a stunning look when you wear them. They are easy to wear and carry. You can buy them in solid colours as well as prints. Original georgette is costly and so the contemporary designers have created faux georgette. It is reasonably priced and the best substitute for traditional georgette sarees.

2. Crepe Sarees:

Crepe is a fabric that is made out of sheep wool or synthetic fiber. These sarees will give you a curly appearance. They are usually worn for any kind of occasion. Crepe sarees are best for summer and can be worn as party wear.

3. Chiffon Sarees:

Just like georgette sarees, chiffon sarees are light in weight and so women can carry it easily. They give you extreme comfort when you wear them and there are literally many variations available in chiffon sarees.

So, based on your preference, choose the type of saree that you would want to prefer. With the advent of technology, now everything can be purchased right from the comfort of your home. So, do your research and find the best online shopping portal like Hatkay to buy the saree of your choice.

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