Why Quora is Important for SEO?

Importance of Quora in SEO

Human beings are a curious species. We ask a lot of questions and keep searching for answers every day. Over time our sources for knowledge have changed, we have gone from books in a public library to Google and now to Quora.

As a digital marketing agency, we are constantly evaluating platforms which can help our clients to achieve their marketing goals. We stumbled upon Quora on one of these quests and discovered the advantages of this amazing website.

What is Quora?

Quora is an American website created by former Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. This website has a platform where users can ask questions and users can answer questions. So, essentially Quora is a user-generated content website.

Quora was born in the time of social media but is not a social media platform. Social media platforms typically allow users to voice their opinions and share their stories. Quora is more topical and more knowledge oriented. It does have some social media features like upvoting the answers you like and allowing users to connect through the platform.

According to statistical data given by a digital marketing company, Quora has approximately 300 million active monthly users, out of which 15 million are from India. These numbers emphasize the power and reach of Quora.

What is the relationship between Quora and SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO strategies and SEO techniques aid your website in climbing up the search engine rankings ladder.

Good SEO plans help in driving up the organic traffic of your website, increasing your credibility in the eyes of the user and the search engines and last but not the least they assist in lowering the CPC for your paid marketing campaigns. It is, therefore, easy to conclude that SEO plays a big role in digital marketing.

Now, the obvious next question that comes to one’s mind is that “how does Quora fit into the whole SEO game?”

In this blog, we are going to give you some compelling insights into why Quora is important for SEO.

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One of the most basic steps that all SEO experts follow is creating backlinks to their website. The Google search algorithm bases the credibility of your website on the number of legitimate backlinks it has across the world wide web. The more backlinks you have, the higher is your ranking on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Quora is all about people seeking answers to questions. So, Quora allows users to ask questions and allows other users to answer them. These answers can contain links to other websites. Thus, if you answer multiple questions you create multiple backlinks from a website that has high authority. This is a great boost to your company’s SEO, according to a digital marketing company in India.

Establishing Authority

Customers are drawn to organizations and professionals who are knowledgeable and experts in their field. They trust an authority figure more easily, because of the credentials visible. Quora is the perfect place to establish authority in your line of business.

Answering questions which are relevant to your field is a great place to start. Quora has a feature where you can follow other users. If you gain more followers, it means you are slowly on the path to becoming a thought leader of your industry.

Your profile on Quora can be linked to other social media platforms as well as your website. One aspect of this reroutes to backlinks again, but the other and more important aspect is that it gives your target audience a direct exposure of your knowledge on the subject. This helps in more visits to your websites and even asking you some questions directly on Quora.

Ideas for Blogs

Quora has a mind-blowing advantage, it lets you see what your target audience is thinking of, what sort of queries do they have, what is troubling them and even what are their needs. It is a fabulous website which is literally constantly throwing out new ideas for you to write blogs about.

If a question is popular on Quora, it means a lot of people are seeking more information on the topic. So, if possible, scroll through the questions on Quora and understand the perspective off the readers, it will give you hundreds of ideas for some super blogs.

As a digital marketing company, we can vouch for the fact that blogs are a tremendous tool in the world of SEO strategies. Blogs can drive high amounts of organic traffic to your website and create a loyal audience base for your organization.

Some people believe that Quora has no direct influence on your organization’s SEO. This statement is true to a certain extent. But Quora has many cards that can be exploited for the purpose of SEO. Creating a good profile on Quora, answering relevant questions seriously and being active on the platform can certainly help your website’s SEO.

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