8 Most Dangerous Adventure Sports that will get your Heart Racing

Dangerous Adventure Sports

Some people like to live life on the edge. A rush of adrenaline makes them feel alive.

We, humans, are instinctive about protecting ourselves in dangerous situations. So, we try to stay away from anything that may tend to harm us. However, on the contrary, hazardous conditions attract us. It may seem like a paradox to many. But this is the main reason why adventure sport is a thriving sector in the 21st century.

Initially, adventure sports was all about paragliding, bungee jumping or dirt biking only, which was attempted by the bravest of the brave. However, there is a changing trend seen in this sector, as well. Over the past years, a whole bunch of adventures sports has come into being, which promises to bring your heart right to your throat.

Have you ever imagined yourself locked in a cage with man-eating sharks swimming around you? Or would like to jump off the highest cliff in the world wearing only a flight suit? Well, this is the level of adventure sports that are happening around the world.

Though adventure sports are a great way to spice up your vacation, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, adventure sports are a great way to improve your cardiovascular health. If you are someone who likes to live your life on the edge, we present to you eight most dangerous adventure sports known to man that will get your heart racing.

Top 8 Dangerous Adventure Sports

1. Crocodile Cage Diving

Fancy observing huge saltwater crocodiles up close? Then, the crocodile cage diving is just the sport for you. The cage of death in Australia is a place where you can marvel at these massive prehistoric creatures. The games involve 1 or 2 participants locked in a glass cage that hangs above a water body with huge crocodiles. They lower the cage into the water for you to get a close -up view. Being amidst massive crocodiles while they swim so close you with only a glass wall protecting you will surely give you a huge adrenaline rush.

2. Ice Climbing

If you are a massive fan of icy terrains, then ice climbing is for you. It is a more dangerous version of rock climbing. It involves ascending ice features such as icefalls or frozen cliffs. What makes it a risky sport is the fact that ice is extremely slippery. Thus, there are more chances for accidents. Also, ice chips more quickly than rocks. Among the many dangers of ice climbing, the most common ones include frost-bites or falling into an ice crevasse. The success in ice climbing lies in using the right kind of equipment. If you are planning to drive to the location, you may use roof rack accessories to carry all your essential equipment comfortably.

3. Wind Walking

Have you ever dreamt of flying in the sky like a bird? Then, this adventure sport will fulfill this dream. Though wind walking is not exactly what it sounds like, it is promisingly one of the most dangerous sports any man can partake in. In wind walking, you will experience the thrill of flying, but while being suspended upright to a plane. It means that you will be standing on top of a small aircraft as it flies through the clouds. Previously initiated as a circus act, this extreme sport has become quite popular with adventure enthusiasts after repeatedly being featured in many Hollywood movies.

4. Volcano Surfing

Volcanoes are highly fascinating to humans. But we have taken it to another level by doing a sport out of them. Volcano surfing usually involves hiking up the mountain and then sliding down on a metal board. It is generally performed on active volcanoes to increase the level of danger. Dangers in this extreme sport includes getting hit by hot volcanic lava. Also, there are high chances of contracting caver’s disease by inhaling poisonous gases.

5. Cave Diving

Cave diving is a more dangerous version of underwater diving which involves diving deep into underwater caves. If water life fascinates you, indulging in this sport would be an experience you will never forget. Most of the cave diving happens using scuba diving gear. However, it is more dangerous than scuba diving as you have very limited access to the surface in case of failure in your breathing equipment. Also, you never know what the unexplored underwater caves might contain.

6. Base Jumping

Base jumping is another extreme sport that is trending with adrenaline addicts. Also referred to as B.A.S.E. jumping, it involves jumping off places such as cliffs or tall buildings with a wingsuit or skydiving equipment. However, base jumping is more dangerous than skydiving as it takes place in much lower altitudes when compared to skydiving. Base jumping is also one of the most popular activities for movie stunts.

7. Waterfall Rappelling

Waterfall rappelling is a sport for all water sports enthusiasts. If you love the sheer magnificence of waterfalls, you should try descending them. This sport is slowly gaining popularity across the world for the amount of adrenaline rush it gives to people who are ready to take on the challenge. It is not easy descending slippery rocks. Also, the constant fear of plunging into the rapid water is enough to make you hold on to your dear life.

8. RMX Dirt Bike Racing

If taking on to the high roads is what gives you an adrenaline rush, you should provide R.M.X. Dirt biking a try. This dangerous sport involves dirt bike racing on dangerous terrains, often wet and slippery. The thrill of the wind in your hair and the smell of burned rubber while riding is sure to give you a high. Dirt bike racing should be carried out by using proper equipment and safety gear. You can check out Sydney motorcycle accessories for all your accessories needs.


These are some of the most extreme adventure sports that are known to man. All these extreme sports carry a huge risk of life along with them. However, there are a lot of advancements in the equipment used during such sports which decreased the fatality level to quite an extent. Do remember that extreme sports are only for recreational purposes. It is something that you should try at least once in your lifetime.

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