The Smart Packaging Solutions for CBD

Smart Packaging Solutions for CBD

The correct method is to follow the sales funnel which is the path that the user takes to get to do a certain action online. As Inbound Marketing teaches, after following the Attract, Close, and Convert steps, the last step of this path is Delight, delight.

How to delight the user: customized boxes and bags

Customizing the CBD packaging is a good way to offer the customer a plus: not a simple CBD packaging for his or her purchase but a package that speaks to him or her! Let’s think about gift boxes: many online stores provide for the item purchased to be sent in a free gift box. Very well, this entices the user to purchase. If we add the magic word “personalized” to that free one, then we would have hit the mark!

Boxes and bags are the most easily customizable CBD packaging and also the most popular because they can be reused and used for many other uses. They are very suitable for CBD packaging cosmetic products, but also clothing or accessories. We think of the surprise of those who will receive a gift and will find two: the gift and its CBD tincture boxes!

A personalized rigid cardboard box, for example, can become a container for objects but also a design element to furnish the home. The rigid cardboard boxes can be made in different formats and sizes, as well as in dozens of different colors, glossy, opaque, or plasticized. On the lid, it is also possible to affix logos or print graphics and writings by choosing a custom font.

The Use of the Personalised Bag

Even a personalized bag can become a gift box with a lively style. The ones in the image below, for example, are in cardboard and can be made in various colors, customizable sizes, and applying logos, writings, and payoffs in your favorite font.

Practical processing needs are added, in this case, to market demand. For several years, with the per capita consumption of fish and derivatives, consumer awareness on food safety issues has grown. On the one hand, this is an opportunity for operators in the sector, and on the other, it requires them to make an additional effort, because they are now facing more demanding consumers on average.

In fact, let’s not forget that colors communicate, act on our cognitive system and determine certain behaviors. As the psychology of colors explains to us, the choice of boxing a Scots pine-scented deodorant in a green box is not accidental but will trigger a process called synesthesia: touch and sight generate an olfactory sensation and we will seem to be feeling truly a scent of Scots pine around us, even if the package is still closed.

For further information: The psychology of color: how advertising and marketing communications with customers

Although some form of CBD packaging 1 has always been used to contain and protect products, great development has taken place over the last two centuries and today, especially in response to commercial demand, CBD packaging is infinitely more sophisticated and developed than in any other. In the modern world of transport networks, distribution and retailing depend completely on CBD packaging, a necessary means to move and protect goods as they pass from the place of production to that of consumption.

Role of packaging in market strategies

If an original packaging can make the difference, even a particularly functional one can greatly influence market strategies; in fact, the two main aspects that refer to the graphic choices of the packaging are precisely aesthetics and functionality. The packaging of any goods represents a sort of business card of the product and, as such, must be able to communicate a message not only to the target audience but also to new groups of users. An effective packaging manages to carry out an important promotional activity as it has a decisive strategic value aimed at achieving specific objectives.

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