How Reliance Jio became the largest network operator in India?

Reliance Jio Largest Network

Most of us are paying equivalent or most likely extra money to other network operators as compared to Jio. The question which rises here is how and why Jio is managing to provide data and calls services at such a low prizes. Before directly jumping to the answer lets first discus why Mukesh Ambani didn’t started jio before.

This story needs to grasp why Mukesh Ambani is financing such a lot in one more telecommunication company particularly once there’s already another company named Reliance Communications. In 2002, when Dhirubhai Ambani died, there have been some major possession problems between his 2 sons – Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani. when some public feud between each the brothers for the management of Reliance empire, their mother intervened and split Reliance into 2 components in 2005. Anil Ambani got telecommunication, power, amusement and money services business whereas Mukesh Ambani received Reliance Industries and IPCL.

However Anil Ambani got the Reliance Communications, it had been started by Mukesh Ambani  and revolutionized the Indian mobile trade by reducing the call rates within the early 2000s, that created mobile phones cheap to Indians. it had been his baby all the approach, whereas Anil Ambani wasn’t even having a seat in its board of administrators.

It was not all to stop  Mukesh Ambani from creating another telecom company and having a competition with Reliance Communications,they signed a non-compete clause within the agreement.

In 2010, after the non-compete ended, Mukesh Ambani bought ninety six percent shares in Infotel Broadband that had won 4G spectrum in all sectors of Asian nation. Later they renamed it to Jio, and commenced building fiber optic network round the country.

How Jio is Giving Unlimited Data ?

Once you’ve got engineered a complete network infrastructure, it does not price a penny for the network supplier to provide you internet. Other telecom service provider doesn’t offers unlimited data because they don’t have enough resources to deal with High bandwidth.

Whereas jio has already established a strong optical fibre networks which is able to handle the future advance network updates.

How Jio is Providing unlimited voice calls.

Jio’s uses a completely different technology to make voice calls as compared to other telecom companies in the telecom industry. Jio uses its fibre network to make calls by using internet connection whereas other telecom companies need a completely different network to make calls. When you make a call over Jio network the voice is transferred through internet instead of dedicated fibre cables. This means as long as you have Jio network connection you can make call without consuming any extra resources. Due to this reason Jio is giving free calls along with a internet connection.

How Jio Managed to engage customers.

However due to the cheap prices of plans made people crazy about it. But marketing strategies of Reliance played an vital role in creating a large customer base in India.

At the early stages of formation of Jio ,most of the mobiles devices were not compatible with 4G LTE. So Reliance introduced its LYF mobile brand at very cheap prices. Earlier LYF mobiles were the only way to get a Jio Sim.

For those people who were not able to buy a new 4G Phones. Jio introduced their Jiofi devices. Jiofi devices are portable wifi devices which are able to create a portable wifi hotspot and anyone even with 3G handset can use the 4G internet connection via this device.

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