12 Best and Most Famous Clothing Brands in the World

Famous Clothing Brands

There are many clothing brands in the world. Some international and renowned, others less famous but select and with a more particular audience.

In this article we will comment on some of the most famous fashion brands in the world and those that are, for many, the most important. All of them have an incredible amount of sales and a large part of the world’s population has some pledge, or would like.

The 12 best clothing brands

That a brand is very famous does not always imply that it is one of the best; or the other way around, that it is a mark of high quality does not mean that it sells much nor that it is very famous.

Therefore, in the following list we have taken into account several factors to include the best clothing brands according to the fame, quality and sales they make.

12. Tommy Hilfiger

Its founder is Thomas Jacob Hilfiger and owns one of the best clothing brands. Counting as Ralph Lauren’s main competitor.

This brand stands out for being emblematic for many North Americans of upper middle class. They are especially demanded their short sleeve polo shirts and some sweaters.

11. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has always been an acclaimed brand since 1968 in Manhattan (United States). Probably line of underwear was what prompted to reach even higher in the last decade. Company also highlight its fragrances and its sub-brand called Calvin Klein Home.

Today it is one of the most distinctive clothing brands and carries out very important advertising campaigns with famous people ranging from sportsmen to singers and musicians.

10. Levi’s

Levi’s is, along with Lee, one of the best brands of jeans or jeans clothes. This was founded in no less than 1853, in California.

While at the level of price and quality we could say that they are on par, the truth is that Levi’s, or rather, Levi’s Strauss, has been able to adapt better to new trends and was a cultural icon with a greater journey than Lee. That is why we place it in our top 10 clothing brands.

9. Prada

Italy holds the title of fashion country along with some others. Specifically, the Prada clothing firm is one of its flagship vessels. It was created in 1913 and was until 1978 a local brand of low cost clothing, until Miuccia Prada took control of the business.

Today the company invoices huge amounts of millions of dollars and stands out above all for their bags.

8. Chanel

This couture firm needs no introduction. Created in 1910 by fashion designer Coco Chanel in 1910, it is one of the oldest on this list and is dedicated to creating and selling mainly luxury items and high fashion clothing.

7. Lacoste

The United States and Italy are not the only global fashion venues, France, with clothing brands such as the already seen Chanel or Lacoste, is also a gap.

Since in the 70s and 80s his acclaimed Polo shirt triumphed in America and Europe finished launching this brand to fame, has continued to renew and making elegant garments at prices slightly above average.

6. Adidas

When we think of sportswear brands, one of the two main ones that comes to mind is Adidas. Although in the past the rivalry Nike – Adidas was more equal, nowadays this second one has had to retreat some positions. But let us not be alarmed, it is one of the most important clothing brands in the world combining quality and good price in unison.

5. Gucci

Like other clothing brands, Gucci is not exclusively dedicated to the design of clothing, it also designs watches, perfumes, suitcases and other accessories such as jewelry. With its headquarters in Florence, it has been at the forefront of fashion since 1921.

4. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is the most important brand of handbags in the world. Symbol of elegance and high standing. Despite the hundreds (or thousands) of dollars that can cost a bag or one of its famous suitcases, this brand of clothing has been practically since its inception, being the envy of all others.

3. Nike

Nike is to sport what Coca-Cola to soda. From its famous slogan Just do it , to its famous logo, make it one of the most famous and important clothing brands worldwide. With average prices and holding the first positions in sports shoes, Nike will earn their bronze medal.

2. H & M

Right after the first place of the most important clothing brands we find H & M. Although for some time now different controversies have arisen regarding this brand criticizing some products for their low quality, it is undeniable that billions of dollars a year and almost anyone has any pledge of this brand. Time will tell if it maintains its position or low.

1. Zara

The Inditex badge and currently the first clothing brand in the world has a wide range of sub-brands that have “colonized” the clothing stores and fashion districts of all the major cities of the globe. Its income and expansion has not stopped rising exponentially in recent years.

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