Bluetooth 5 new Features give the Technology a Massive Boost

Bluetooth Features

An incredible upgrade to Bluetooth is all set to be released this week. The release date of Bluetooth version 5 is expected to be June 16. The significant advantage with Bluetooth 5 is that it offers double the range and four times the speed as compared to the previous version. The range of the devices that Bluetooth 5 is going to support is likely to increase with this advancement.

Bluetooth 5 will support location and navigation services:

Bluetooth 5 has extended its reach to provide the new services of location-relevant information and navigation. A number point jump from 4 to 5 itself shows how important the release is. The packets of data sent from Bluetooth 5 can contain location related data as well. The current packet size of the technology is 47 bytes which will be increased to carry more data. The advertising packets in the new version will include the information from the GPS systems along with the information like device name and type.

It is a major upgrade in Bluetooth history:

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) executive director Mr. Powell explains the number point jump in a very interesting way. As the normal people treat Bluetooth as just another data sharing application in their mobile phones. A significant jump from Bluetooth 4 to Bluetooth 5 will show how important the release is. This is done so that more and more users put their hands on the new version and enjoy the benefits of communicating in a different way. Previously only the small version upgrades used to happen in the technology which did not add advanced features in the release. With this release, we are sure to find some major advancements in the technology.

Massive speed and range of Bluetooth 5:

The current version of the Bluetooth is Bluetooth 4.2. It offers the speed up to 25 Mbps and the range is close to 200 feet. The new version is expected to have a speed up to 100 Mbps which is a significant boost to the Bluetooth technology. Powell has already announced that the new version of Bluetooth will have double capacity than the previous version in terms of speed and range. The version upgrade will bring the Bluetooth technology closer to what is offered by Wi-Fi direct. Wi-Fi direct offers a speed up to 250 Mbps currently, with the ever evolving Bluetooth technology is bound to give a tough competition to Wi-Fi direct in future. Although the speed of Wi-Fi direct is still unmatched but such a significant has never been made by Bluetooth SIG in order to upgrade the technology.

The IoT compatibility will be a great advantage:

The IoT devices compatibility of Bluetooth 5 is another major advancement that is expected to come out from this release. There are several IoT protocols that are expected to be incorporated in the new version of the Bluetooth technology. With the help of IoT various physical objects we see around us like buildings, vehicles, software and sensors etc. will be able to communicate with each other very fast. With IoT feature, the communications are bound to get a lot easier. With IoT, the objects that we see around us will come closer to each other and will start communicating with each other. Bluetooth 5 if implements IoT can help in automating our homes and gadgets in an unimaginable way.

Will the new version be backward compatible?

No announcements have been made regarding the backward compatibility of the new version of Bluetooth technology. The new Bluetooth version may need new hardware, which itself sets the market for mobile phones handset manufacturers. By adapting their devices to Bluetooth 5, Mobile manufacturers can take huge advantage to increase the sales of their electronic gadgets and devices. We hope that Bluetooth 5 is backward compatible with previous versions so that people can keep on using the Bluetooth technology in the same way they are using right now. They should be allowed to take more advantage of the upgrade only if they wish to do so.

The roadmap of the release was set last year itself but a more definite release with complete details will come out within this week. We will have to wait till Thursday on what else is going to be revealed in the release of Bluetooth 5 on June 16.Will the mobile manufacturers bring new handsets into the market to unleash the benefits of the technology? We will have to wait and watch till we get full specifications of Bluetooth 5 in our hands.

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