Ditch the High Heels, Trainers Have Won the Debate!

Ditch the High Heels

Girls are extremely choosy about what they wear and how do they look, sometimes they even compromise the comfort just to stay trendy and flaunt their up to date look!

High heels or trainers? There has been a debate running between these two footwear since forever and women really get confused about whom to ditch and whom to grasp.

Here we go with five amazing reasons why you must be wearing the sneakers rather high heels and how could you catch the latest trendy look with your trainers on!

1. Comfort comes first!

One of the most obvious reasons why we all end up picking up the sneakers from the shoe wardrobe is the extreme Comfort. Even our feet must be smiling all the time we choose to wear trainers instead of the high heels, lol. Because of no blisters and more coziness all day long. Do not forget to avail these mind-blowing Hush promo code for grabbing your perfect pair of comfortable trainers.

2. Because healthy is sexy!

There are a lot of conditions where health specialists prescribe wearing flat sneakers instead of the high heels because the elevated heel angles may cause inner health issues that could be painful. Especially the patients having diabetes, blood pressure problems, risks of cardiovascular diseases or pregnant women are asked to avoid wearing high heels for better health conditions.

3. New Fashion Trend!

As leisurewear has become pretty in and the street style is coming on the front line of the fashion trends, sneakers have made a quite remarkable presence and people have actually started to own them as fashion wear. The myth bubble of ladies depending on their high heels to flaunt the perfect look has been busted and they no longer emphasize on high heels to finish their looks.

Kanye West and Rihanna are believed to be the trendsetters for the trainers in the fashion industry and now the newly acclaimed fashion trend of wearing sneakers absolutely anywhere and everywhere has become common among people belonging to different industries as well.

4. Adaptability

Fine! A pair of heels can make you look extra glamorous on that particular evening but would you be able to wear them all week long anywhere, anytime? No! Sneakers come with versatility and you can rock a single pair of those comfy absolutely anywhere no matter what you are wearing and where you are going because yet again, they are new fashion trend! Choosing hues like Grey, Black or White can make it easy for you to wear those sneakers on almost 80% of your outfits and flaunt the perfectionist look while keeping your feet at comfort.

5. Nothing holds you back!

No matter what the situation is, with your sneakers on you can cope up with it. Be it dancing carefree on the rock music among friends or catching a street thief who just ran past you stealing someone’s handbag who was flaunting the perfect high heel look, you be the hero of the situation and you are unstoppable!

From the gym to the clubs, parties, get-togethers, hangouts and casual meetings, Sneakers are winning the footwear game in the current fashion trend and even some of the local brides are seen wearing sneakers all the way under their bridal gowns to stand out among the mainstream bridal styles and break the stereotypes.  The choice is absolutely yours and we think by now you must be really convinced of ditching your high heels for once and stepping up the footwear game by grabbing your favorite pair of sneakers.

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