Difference between Medical, Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatologist

Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatologist

The human body comprises of different organs and specific appearance of all organs is required to look better. Like all other organs, skin, nails, and hair showcase our overall health. To deal with the problems faced by them, we have to consult the best dermatologist in our city. How medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatologist differ from each other? This article discusses the difference between medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatologist.

If you want to reach the right dermatologist for an issue, this topic is for you.

Dermatology and Dermatologist

According to the popular defection: “Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin, nails, hair and its diseases.” This medical specialty involves both medical and surgical aspects. The person who specializes in this domain is known as a dermatologist.

A dermatologist is a medical doctor with specialization in the field of dermatology. This kind of specialist can treat disease and cosmetic issues for skin, nails, and hair. A dermatologist may also be referred to as a skin care specialist or cosmetologist.

The skin and hair are important parts of the body and some specific expertise are required to deal with their disease and cosmetic issues. A dermatologist can diagnose and treat all types of problems that fall under the dermatology umbrella.

But why are there different types of dermatologists? Let’s discuss this in the remaining part of the article.

Medical, Surgical, and Cosmetic Dermatologists

There are minor differences between surgical, cosmetic, and medical dermatologists but knowing these differences is important. It comes as no surprise that only the best suited professional can deliver the desired results. The main purpose of this article is to elaborate on the main differences between cosmetic, medical, and surgical dermatologists.

Due to the increased complexity of skin & hair problems and due to personal interests, dermatologists further specialize in medicine, surgery, or cosmetic treatments. All types of dermatologist are medical doctors and they specialize in the field of dermatology.

If you choose the wrong person for treatment, chances are you may not get the required benefits. Which kind of dermatologist do you need when you need to undergo skin surgery? Which kind of dermatologist do you need if you have contracted a skin disease? Let’s discuss each of these separately:

Medical Dermatologist

Two Greek words make up the word dermatology. One is ‘derma’ which means ‘skin’ and the second is ‘logia’ which means ‘study.’ The person who specializes in dermatology is essentially a doctor with in-depth knowledge of skin, its disease, and methods to fix them.

Nowadays, a dermatologist is also supposed to specialize in taking care of hair. The dermatologists who can diagnose and evaluate skin, hair, mouth, lips, and nail diseases are known as a medical dermatologist. Please note that there are some skin abnormalities that stem from or have skin deep affects.

Medical dermatologists know the link between skin problems and other body organs. A small percentage of modern day dermatologists are medical dermatologists only. Board certification is required to start practicing as a dermatologist.

A primary care physician can refer the patient to a dermatologist if there is a nail, skin, or hair issue. A person specializing in dermatology knows diagnosis techniques to recommend a suitable treatment option(s).

Cosmetic Dermatologist

The job of a cosmetic dermatologist centers around the hair, skin, nails, lips, and mouth just like a medical dermatologist. Though the different is minor, it is not hard to distinguish cosmetic dermatology from medical dermatology.

To understand the difference between these two, it is important to know both individually. The medical dermatology revolves around fixing skin and hair issues. Whereas, the cosmetic dermatology stands up for aesthetic enhancement.

To make it further clear suppose, your skin eczema and you want to get rid of it, you will visit a medical dermatologist. On the other hand, if your skin has wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines, etc., you will consult a cosmetic dermatologist.

Diagnosis and prescription do not exist in cosmetic dermatology. In general, people have over-the-counter topical applications to deal with cosmetic issues. But the people do need a cosmetic dermatologist to get significant results or if topical applications fail for them.

We can say that cosmetic dermatology is an advanced level for the medical and surgical dermatologist. Mean to say, a surgical dermatologist or a medical dermatologist take additional training to perform cosmetic dermatology treatments.

A cosmetic dermatologist also has to obtain board certification just like a medical dermatologist. It is important to mention that that medical dermatology is about skin health, whereas cosmetic dermatology focuses on overall beauty.

Surgical Dermatologist

A surgical dermatologist is not much different from a medical dermatologist and cosmetic dermatologist. It actually complements both cosmetic and surgical dermatology. If a dermatologist specializes in treatments involving anesthesia and knife, she or he would be considered as a surgical dermatologist.

For example, a surgical dermatologist can excise skin cancers, tumors, and moles. This kind of skin specialist has to be board certified. Today, there are minimally invasive and non-surgical treatment options and a surgical dermatologist can perform such relatively simple procedures.

The technological advancement has made it possible to fix issues without undergoing a surgical procedure. For example, laser technology has emerged as a major alternative to the surgery.  If you are looking forward to having a laser treatment, you should contact a surgical dermatologist.

If you are looking for the best dermatologist in your area, please visit the nearest clinic or hospital.

Go Find the Right Professional

You have read how medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatologist differ from each other. Now you know how to reach the best dermatologist based on the skin or hair issue you are facing. What type of skin care specialist do you need to get rid of your problem?

Get in touch with a skin care professional in your area to know more about this topic. Call the nearest clinic or hospital and book your appointment with a dermatologist of your choice. Good luck with your skin and hair care.

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