23 Easy Tips for Bouncy Shiny Hair That Actually Make Sense

Bouncy Shiny Hair

Do you know those pictures of women with lustrous crowns that frame their faces with smooth flowing waves? Follow these easy tips for bouncy shiny hair to get instantly thicker, more beautiful looking hair.

Everyone dreams of having shiny hair but it is difficult to achieve it. Most of the time, you need to spend a lot of money on buying hair care products just to make your hair healthy and strong. You also need to invest your time and energy in order to make it shiny.

Otherwise, when you will not use your money, time, and energy in taking proper care of your hair, what you want to achieve will forever remain as dreams.

Bouncy, shiny hair is a sign of good health and looking great without trying to

The good news is that there are tips for shiny hair that can be easily done without spending too much of your time and hard earned money. Following these hair care tips will allow you to attain your dream of shiny and healthy hair in no time.

Tips For Bouncy Shiny Hair

1. Try applying root massage to your crown. Bend over, flip your hair forward and use your fingertips to lightly massage the root area. We are aiming to make your hair stand at the roots to achieve a more volumized look. Then flip back your hair and smooth it back stylishly.

2. Use a fine tooth comb and tease the bottom sections of your hair by backcombing them.
Hold a hair section vertically then comb down once starting below the holding hand. Cover the teased parts with the top shiny sections of your hair.

3. It’s time to change the parting of your hair.
Changing the parting of your hair will provide instant lift in the roots and leave hair looking thicker.

4. For bouncy hair that frames the face, use a big round brush.
After you apply heat styling product, blow dry and brush hair section by section. Comb from the inside and toward the opposite direction. Lift hair up and let it fall into place for a natural and sexy look.

5. Get a hairstyle that stops above the shoulders to show off bouncy shiny hair.
You can also achieve this with bob, lob or long pixies by adding layers or thick blunt ends.

6. If you have fine hair, the amount of layering will depend on your hair mass.
If you have a thick to moderate amount of fine hair, a lot of layering will go well. If you have thin fine hair, minimal layering will do. Layers add texture in mid to end lengths of hair, giving it a healthier and thicker look.

7. Blow drying hair can dry your locks making them dull and flat.
To avoid this dilemma, gently squeeze hair with a microfiber towel or towel (for less friction) until damp. Do not blow dry wet hairs for it can excessively take away your crown’s natural volume.

8. Make sure hair is dry and not damp after hair drying.
Damp hair adds to the weight of the hair and pulls down the bounce of your hair.

9. Use cold air in blow drying.
It decreases the chances of hair frizzing due to blow dryer heat damage. It also seals your hairstyle to hold after applying heat styling tools like hot roller or crimper.

10. Use a vent brush when blow drying damp hair.
These brushes allow air circulation on the hair from the hair dryer creating lift in any style you desire.

11. You can also use a diffuser attachment to allow airflow circulation in a heated environment.
It stimulates hair to soften into curls and waves as you scrunch your locks gently.

12. Tired of pesky flyaway hair?
Curl them up with iron tongs for a thickened glamorous look.

13. Look up for DIY no-heat curling methods such as paper rollers, rag rollers, braid curls and hold them up with styling spray.

14. Don’t use too much hairspray for it will only weigh down the hair and backfire the longevity of your curls and waves.

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15. Speaking of hairspray, if you’re not much into waves and curls but wants the volumized look, you can spray section by section on the roots for a more natural looking volume.

16. Mousse is your fairy godmother for your wish of your hair having more body. It coats the shaft, lifts in the roots and holds hairstyle –all upon blow dry.

17. When applying mousse, apply from the roots and comb down gently with a wide tooth comb.

18. Always remember that just like any product, use in moderation. There is a fine line between volumizing hair for that healthy shiny bounce and overusing it and weighing hair down to an oily, dirty clump.

19. Apply to leave in conditioners from tips to roots to avoid your hair from becoming oily.

20. Hair powders and dry shampoo not only absorbs the excess oil in the scalp, but it also adds texture and thickness by applying them by the roots. Spray or use your hands to apply underneath the top section of your hair and lightly tease.

21. Invest in a quality volumizing shampoo – it makes your hair more cooperative in styling for a fluffier look.

22. Oily products such as silicone drops must only be applied on dry ends only.

23. Highlights are also a go in getting bouncy shiny hair; they are low in maintenance (you don’t have to have a touch up every month) and create an illusion of thicker hair with the added convincingly natural shine.

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