What is a natural cycle IVF?

Natural Cycle IVF

Natural cycle IVF is the same as traditional IVF, however, in the natural cycle, IVF Dr. Nalini Gupta does not use the large amounts of medications to stimulate women ovaries to make multiples eggs. In this procedure also, women receive daily injections towards the end of the cycle to prevent early ovulation. During the procedure, your fertility expert at Select IVF India will give you a small amount of gonadotropin medication to support the growth of your egg. After that, your fertility expert at Select IVF India will monitor your natural cycle IVF with ultrasounds and blood tests to check the growth of your follicle.

After your examination, your fertility expert will perform the egg retrieval procedure when the dominant follicle is determined to be an appropriate size. The retrieved egg will be then fertilized in the laboratory in the same way as traditional IVF. Once the healthy embryo is produced and develops, it is transferred into your uterus as it is done in conventional IVF.

To whom the Natural cycle IVF is recommended

There are women of three groups to whom natural cycle IVF is recommended and they are as follows:

  1. For women who are poor responders for them the natural cycle, IVF is the best option even when ovarian stimulation has repetitively failed to produce multiple embryos.  However, the fertility experts at Select IVF India will not recommend natural cycle IVF for a poor responder, if multiples ovarian stimulation is still possible.
  2. Dr. Nalini Gupta recommends natural cycle IVF to those couples where infertility occurs due to the malefactor which is low or poor quality sperm. In such a case, the natural cycle IVF can provide an opportunity for fertilization through ICSI and at the same time, it avoids the risk of multiple pregnancies and unnecessary stimulation for an otherwise fertile female partner.
  3. Women who are not able to tolerate or do not desire to take hormonal therapy to conceive a baby can still benefit from the IVF process.

Is Natural cycle IVF is same as minimal stimulation IVF?

According to the study, minimal stimulation IVF is different from natural cycle IVF as your fertility expert at Select IVF India will give a small amount of stimulation medication for the entire natural IVF cycle, however, in minimal stimulation they will give oral medications where they will not give you any injections at the beginning or a small number of injections from the beginning of stimulation. Minimal stimulation IVF will involve more drugs than natural cycle IVF but not as much as a full stimulated IVF cycle. Minimal stimulation represents another alternative for patients.

Advantages of Natural cycle IVF

The following are some advantages of natural cycle IVF and these are:

  1. Natural cycle IVF consider as less stressful by many people.
  2. It requires only minimal or no ovarian stimulation drugs.
  3. It is less costly
  4. There is no risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.
  5. Pregnancy rates in natural cycle IVF may be similar to one stimulated IVF.
  6. In natural cycle IVF, you can repeat with back-to-back cycles.

How do I prepare for a successful IVF treatment?

To prepare yourself for successful IVF you need to follow some common steps and these are:

  1. Select a good IVF center: First thing you need to do is that select the good IVF center which you can search through the internet. You can find things like the success rate of the center, experience fertility experts, the time is taken for the procedure, cost of treatment, etc.
  2. Take proper and healthy diet: Eat plenty of foods that are rich in monounsaturated fats such as nuts and seeds, sunflower oil, olive oil, etc. This type of foods not only improve your fertility but they are also much needed for the development of the fetus. It has been found that women who are on a rich diet rich found in butter and red meat produced fewer eggs that were healthy enough for use in fertility treatment. Your healthy and proper diet is part of your IVF success.
  3. Medication: Medication before your treatment is the best exercise which reduces your stress and allows your body to function normally. You can listen to music, can do light yoga, etc. to keep yourself active that will lower your anxiety and you will feel calm and relaxed around your treatments.
  4. Avoid Stress: You need to be very calm during your IVF treatment and for this, you need to avoid stress as this is a major factor that contributes to your IVF success. Stress is known to adversely affect health and negatively impact on your reproductive system. We all understand that fertility treatments are a little stressful but you need to find time every day to de-stress yourself to improve your IVF success.
  5. Avoid alcohol and other drugs: At Select IVF India, Dr. Nalini Gupta an IVF expert will advise the couples to avoid alcohol and other drugs at least 3 months prior to their IVF treatment as consumption of alcohol and other drugs will impact the men sperm and women egg due to which they need the high dosage of fertility drugs which can affect the IVF success.
  6. Avoid heavy exercises: Dr. Nalini Gupta at Select IVF India suggest the couples do some light exercises and allow them to avoid the heavy exercises as they can reduce fertility levels in women and decrease their rates of conception. Heavy exercise also causes implantation failure and pregnancy loss. Therefore she allows going for easy exercise around the IVF procedures and opting for low-intensity exercises such as walking, yoga or swimming.
  7. Take rest: At Select IVF India, the fertility expert will suggest the couples take plenty of rest and also advice to sleep in total darkness as it helps in regulating the melatonin levels in the body. It also helps in the development of healthy follicles for your IVF treatment.

Taking good care of yours physically, mentally and emotionally around your IVF treatments will boost your chances of a healthy and successful pregnancy.

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