Top 7 Luxury & Famous Men’s Wallets Brands To Buy This Season

Luxury Wallets Brands

When you are shopping for different accessories that a man requires what are your top priorities?

Are you caught up trying to choose the perfect brand for a watch or a cap and not focusing much on any other accessory? In case you are, there is a chance you might be missing out on one of the most crucial items of all that is a wallet.

As a man, you must know how important it is to make the right pick of wallet that keeps your money and other stuff properly and adds on to your personality as well. For fashion freaks, it takes, even more, to choose from top wallets brands for men.

It may seem like just another thing in your closet but it is not. When buying a wallet this is a very common mistake that almost every man make, they think it won’t matter if they get any wallet for themselves.

Those who don’t want to make such mistake and are willing to buy a wallet that suits them can check out the given choices of branded luxury wallets:

Best 7 Luxury & Famous Men’s Wallets Brands

1. Pocket Organizer by Louis Vuitton

As you might know, Louis Vuitton is a well-known name when it comes to luxury accessories, be it for men or women. Therefore it is undoubtedly one of the top luxury men’s wallet brands that you can add on your list when purchasing a wallet.

The brand has compact and long wallet types listed for the customers; a pocket organizer is a compact wallet type. This luxury wallet will give you more of a sporty look. It is made out of Damier Cobalt canvas. It contains multiple slots that allow an individual to keep money, chits, cards, etc in it. This wallet has leather linings on its borders.

2. Lee Cooper Embossed Wallets

Are you a fan of leather products? There are people who prefer to wear and carry leather items, for such people Wallets by Lee Cooper is a suitable option. The embossed wallet offered by this brand that has textured designs on it and is among the favorite picks. These aren’t too stylish and gives a simple look.

Besides you can buy a Lee Cooper wallet or any other from the list of the best brand for men’s wallets in Dubai online as per your convenience. E-commerce stores such as CentrePoint gives away a variety of options along with Centrepoint Promo Code that can help them not just in purchasing the desired wallet but also in carrying out savings on it.

3. Stripe Billfold Wallets by Paul Smith

As by now you definitely are aware of the fact that there are different types of wallets that you can choose from. There are a long, short, designer, and many more but have you thought about searching for best slim wallets for men? For an ideal wallet, it is necessary that it fits right in your pocket and does not cause any kind of discomfort.

The luxury brand Paul Smith also has varying wallet choices including the stripe billfold type. It is a leather wallet that is stripped from within and has a slim body. These wallets are lined with black fabric with a number of cardholding spaces and a few extra compartments.

4. Christian Louboutin Panettone Wallet

Do you want to keep using that same old everyday wallet or do you want to bring a change to your style? Begin your fashion customization from the small items; get rid of the daily wallet and grab a brand-new piece that stands apart from any other in many ways.

First thing would be the wallet’s body. The square shape ones are with every second person nowadays. However, the Panettone wallet by the brand Christian Louboutin doesn’t follow the same shape. It has a rectangular body and displays elegance on its look. The calfskin made wallet has a zip pull with four flat pockets inside.

5. Extreme 2.0 Wallets by Montblanc

Whenever there is a mention about luxury accessories, a reference to the Montblanc is a must as you will always find it among the best men’s wallets brands. It has a decent collection of add-ons other than wallets as well.

In men’s wallet, Montblanc has Extreme 2.0 for you to check out. This wallet comes in a bold black color and is made from plain leather. It is also a zip pull kind that comes with a separate coin case. It has gold colored cotton lining around it with varied slots for keeping things.

6. Woodland’s leather Wallet Collection

There are some people who like to wear such clothes and keep those accessories that give them more of a manly personality. In case you don’t know it can also be done through a wallet, you can make your wallet pick from the wide range of options available on Woodland men’s wallet online. The brand has some of the classy wallets to grab. Few of them have been in the market from a while, whereas others are its latest launches.

For example, it has a solid red colored leather wallet that you can see. The wallet is a complete look changer if carried with the right set of outfits. Woodland provides shoppers with many such wallets that you must go through and buy according to your liking and budget.

7. Ted Baker’s Trifold Wallets

Ted Baker which is a luxury e-commerce store has trifold wallets for men that come with a detailed carbon fiber lining and a hint of finesse. In addition to the regular pockets, it has a transparent middle slot as well. The overall wallet is crafted from leather.

Other than the trifold wallets, if you have some specific demands in the type of wallet or already have eyes on a wallet from any brand, it is so much easier for you to buy it since you can find a number of men’s wallet online. All you have to do is decide on it and then look for it on the internet.


Once you decide to be fashionable there is no looking back and it is necessary for you to understand that every single detail counts. For men, wallets do play a major role in making their style grow and enhance. However, most men lack the knowledge of a good wallet and even about carrying one. Therefore those who want to be different than most men and are ready to choose their wallet can scroll through some of the luxury wallet brands given above that are accepted worldwide.

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