Top 5 Most Popular Ice Cream Brands in India

Popular Ice Cream Brands in India

Ice cream the word itself makes us drool and we start craving for it. Its a perfect frozen dessert for all age groups. Everyone loves Ice cream there is even a wide range of different flavors available. Whatever be the reasons, Ice cream cheers you up. It isn’t only an occasional savor and is enjoyed throughout the year regardless of the season.

There is an immense number of customization available in ice cream which is the reason why such a significant number of Ice cream brands have been established. The set up of numerous ice cream companies have just escalated its production throughout the years. Ice Cream Company in India is extremely hearty with top brands producing incredible flavors.

5 Leading Ice Cream Brands of India


Amul is the brand overseen and advertised by the Indian dairy agreeable – Gujarat Co-employable Milk Marketing Federation Limited. Amul is the biggest sustenance brand in India and among its enormous arrangement of milk-based items is their scrumptious scope of ice cream.

Gladly declaring their frozen treats to be made with fresh milk, Amul unquestionably holds a major preferred position over numerous different brands that make what is known as a solidified treat. The scope of flavors traverses organic product, nuts, chocolate, and so forth.


Kwality walls ice cream is the thing that we as a whole grew up eating and after it was purchased out by Hindustan Unilever, the joined brand of British Walls and Kwality was propelled as Kwality Walls crosswise over India.

Today it is one of the most mainstream ice cream brands accessible in India.  Easily accessible in Swirl parlors and grocery stores. The Magnum brand of extravagant desserts is showcased by Kwality Walls. It also incorporates kulfi, lollies, sugar-free frozen yogurts, and extravagant variations like sundaes, waffle cones, and so forth.


Vadilal started as a solitary outlet in Ahmedabad in 1926 by its founder Vadilal Gandhi who started to produce ice cream and his successors expanded the business throughout the century to make it one of the most looked for makers of Indian ice cream brand. and is today one of the most perceived and believed frozen yogurt marks in India.

Right now the brand has more than 50 kinds of frozen desserts in an assortment of structures – cups, cones, confections, family packs and that’s just the beginning. Vadilal Parlors are available in many towns and urban areas in India serving clients sundaes and other delicious dessert manifestations made on the spot with frozen yogurt and arranged garnishes, syrups, and sauces.


What began as a side business to enlarge the family salary for Satish Chona in Karachi in 1944 is today a commonly recognized name among desserts in India and this ice cream brand prominence has reached the greatest statures.

Havmor is currently situated in Ahmedabad and offers an enormous range of ice cream including sugar-free dessert, kulfi, dessert cake, move cuts, sundaes, and numerous different variations in a dazzling assortment of flavors.


Mother Dairy was begun in 1974. It is owned by government organization NDDB, National Dairy Development Board began as an activity under Operation Flood. It is one of the single most noteworthy makers of milk-based items across the country in India.

They make delicious desserts including ice cream accessible all over India. They have incorporates numerous Indian flavors apart from the popular fruit and chocolate variant.
There are a few others that are the chaotic dessert market in India. These thrive as smaller scale, little and medium scale endeavors.

Some independent business people make frozen deserts at homes, for example, the ever most loved Kulfi out of handcrafts. Frozen desserts which are made by these areas have a colossal market as well. You can without much of a stretch locate these scrumptious frozen yogurts sourced from independent makers on numerous occasions.

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