Top 15 Highly Salary Paid Nursing Jobs in Australia

Highly Paid Nursing Jobs in Australia

It is no disguise that Australia is a well-established economy. Australia holds a broad spectrum of career & employment options for people. One of such professions in Australia is nursing; it is quite famous and rewarding at the same time. It is estimated that there will be an exponential increase of around 27 percent in Australia’s healthcare sector. Thus, it is preferable to continue your profession as a nurse to get entered into Australia.

If you are an overseas nurse and wish to start your career in the same profession, you must do initial registration first. Following that, you can choose from a variety of specializations offered by the Australian healthcare sector. A Migration Agent in Australia can be the right person to help you with these aspects. Below-mentioned is the top 15 highest paying nursing jobs that can fit as per your requirements and desires.

15 Best & High Paid Nursing Jobs in Australia

Envisioning your affection towards the profession, we have endeavoured to enlist the best nursing jobs for you. Without waiting for any more seconds, let’s get into the details.

1. A Nurse Anaesthetist (Certified)

These nurses assist surgeons and doctors in the patient’s planning, mixing, and most importantly, anesthesia administration.

Average Pay Scale- The pay scale for this job lies in the range of $ 105k and $130k annually.

2. A Nurse Researcher

As the name suggests, a researcher nurse is the one who researches to unravel certain essential aspects related to healthcare & nursing to enhance service quality and performance.

Average Pay Scale- The average salary of a nurse in Australia for this profession is $75k and $95k per annum.

3. A Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

These nurses work with mentally challenged patients at a correction centre or a mental health facility. This field allows nurses to run their practice.

Average Pay Scale- The average salary for the job is in the range of $ 70k and $ 90k yearly.

4. A Certified Nurse Midwife

This Profession deals with OB/GYN physicians who work with women’s healthcare-related services. Primarily, the physicians work only with pregnant women.

Average Pay Scale- The salary for this profession is approximately $ 75k.

5. A Pediatric Nurse

These nurses assist pediatricians who are experts in treating children. ICU, Schools, Private Clinics are some of the areas in which they get employed the most.

Average Pay Scale- The average salary for this job is between $ 65K to $ 70k.

6. Orthopaedic Nurse

These are the nurses who assist the patients who are dealing with mobility as a result of any disorder or injury. Surgery, physical therapy, and rehabilitation are some of the services offered by orthopaedic nurses.

Average Pay Scale- The approximate salary of a nurse in Australia for this profession is $120k.

7. A Nurse Practitioner

This is a start-level position. They are the first ones with whom the patient gets in contact.

Average Pay Scale- The average salary for this job is around $ 65k.

8. A Clinical nurse specialist

This is a senior-level position spread in different areas of healthcare. These nurse specialists assist patients with paramount care and professional consultation.

Average Pay Scale- The average salary for this position is in the range of $ 80k to $100k per annum.

9. A Geriatric Nurse

These nurses deal with ageing and elderly patients. They are starting from patient monitoring, mental health, preventive care, to medication.

Average Pay Scale- The approximate salary for this job is around $70k.

10.  A Neonatal nurse

These nurses are primarily for taking care of babies. These nurses get employed in the nurseries where new-borns are kept before getting discharged from the hospital.

Average Pay Scale- The average pay scale for this job lies between $70k- $120k every year.

11. A Gerontological Nurse

These nurses address the health concerns of elderly patients. These nurses have to work 40 hours per week, with an hourly wage of $43.09.

Average Pay Scale- The median salary for this job is $89,637 per year.

12. Nurse Educator

Be a nurse educator if training nurses or educating them sounds appealing to your ears. These nurses have to work 40 hours per week.

Average Pay Scale- These job professionals receive an average yearly salary of $83,160.

13. Informatics Nurses

These nurses make passion meets technology. In this field, nurses tend to collaborate with nursing with information & communication to foster public health.

Average Pay Scale- The informatics nurse makes an average annual salary of $79,014.

14. Critical Care Nurse

These nurses are the ones who possess extraordinary nursing skills as they deal with life-and-death matters. These nurses primarily assist doctors in ICU and can also get engaged in other fields of nursing.

Average Pay Scale- The average salary of a critical care nurse is $74 588.

15. Health Policy Nurse

This profession allows a nurse to take on research, analysis, advocacy, policy development, evaluation, and implementation. These nurses have to work for 40 hours per week.

Average Pay Scale- The average yearly salary for a health policy nurse is $71,703.

Visa & Registration: Nursing Jobs in Australia

To pursue your career as a nurse, you must be registered with AHPRA (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board). APHRA maintains one central register; a successful accreditation will make you eligible to get covered in any state or territory right across the country. 

One important thing to note is that in no way APHRA will assist in processing your visa application. APHRA primarily focuses on nursing registration, and for immigration purposes, you might require to secure a skills assessment (positive) from ANMAC (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council).

How Do You Secure a Positive Skills Assessment From ANMAC?

You need to understand that ANMAC is a skills assessment authority. For every occupation code, Australian Immigration has its skills assessment authority, licensed & managed by the Australian Immigration Department. The skills assessment authority is the only one that verifies your genuine identity, required skills, experience, and qualifications.

Besides, you have to stand out on the proper education criteria to apply for registration with authority. All the applicants must have a degree (or at least have converted their diploma to a degree) & post qualification experience (for a minimum of three months). 

Apart from the required educational criteria, the qualifications from certain countries can also be acknowledged well by the authorities.

Which Visas are the best For Nursing Jobs in Australia?

While applying for a visa, you must understand that it’s the eligibility criteria and not the best Visa that comes into play. There are plenty of permits that can make you pursue your nursing career in Australia, but out of all, Australian Visa (subclass 189) is on the top.

However, there are different eligibility and requirements for all classes of Australian Visa for nursing. You will be perplexed with the visas.

What to expect as a Nurse in Australia?

The Australian Healthcare Sector has shift systems with work hours ranging from 8-12 hours a day. You can get holidays at most 35 days in a year. You will be surprised to witness the patient-nurse ratios in Australia; in some areas, it is 3.1 and 7.1 in many metropolitan areas.

Concluding Thoughts!

Be it any profession; if it is your dream, then you must set a stage to achieve it at any cost. It is not hidden that Australian policies and laws are pretty complex. Thus you must hire a migration agent to make your dream of studying nursing in Australia a victorious one. We have tried to help you as much as possible. Review this post to get a start-off, at least.

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