Choose your wedding jewelry: a not so easy choice!

Wedding Jewelry

That’s it, you found it! You finally got your hands on the wedding dress of your dreams. First fitting and the magic operated. It’s your favorite! She is the one you will wear on the best day of your life. Congratulations it’s a great milestone. Now, we will have to accessorize it. But be careful, no matter how. Choose your wedding jewelry’s not so easy. Wedding jewelry is an essential part of the beauty of the bride. Necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings, tiara and other crowns: it is important to harmonize all of his wedding jewelry for a refined result and not overloaded! Your wedding dress must sublimate your outfit, be elegant without stealing the show at the alliance … A real headache! Do not forget to take into account your hairstyle which will also influence your choice of jewelry.

Today I want to give you plenty of advice to avoid the misstep. I conducted my little investigation and my path crossed that of Vivalatina, the story of a Franco-Mexican couple, lovers of Latino culture and who embarked on the adventure of online jewelry in 2012. The goal? Make the creation of personalized jewelry accessible to as many people as possible and democratize access to exceptional jewelry and goldsmith. Rings, necklaces, earrings… Everything is customizable and evens your wedding rings! Today they explain how to choose your wedding jewelry and have a perfect look for your wedding day. But before finding their interview, follow my advice!

First step: the choice of necklace

The necklace is the basic element to choose. It is the ideal accessory to enhance your bust and décolleté. It is from him that you choose your other jewels. It must, therefore, be scrupulously selected from the necklace website. The choice will be based on the cut of the neckline of your dress. Whether bustier, sleeves or collar, all the necklaces do not go on all the dresses! For example, a wedding dress that features an asymmetrical bustier will be prettier with a choker. In contrast, a straight strapless will lend itself better to wearing a round-shaped bridal necklace or jumper. At each dress, his collar!

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For a dress without neckline or with a high collar, abandon the idea of a necklace. It will not be highlighted at all and will overload your silhouette. Instead, focus on medium or small earrings. This will bring you some shine and light on your face.

For a dress with a straight collar that clears your shoulders, you will be able to wear a small necklace style necklace round or the neck. Your necklace will be well highlighted. The chokers in fabric and lace, for example, will bring a touch of elegance to your entire outfit.

For a dress with a V-shaped neckline, then there, treat yourself! All types of necklaces and necklaces may be especially suitable if your neckline is plunging! Those who are pendulous and long will have a perfect fall in the hollow of your chest.

For an asymmetrically shaped dress, it’s better to have an asymmetrical necklace as well, with the pattern on the opposite side of the strap. Thus you will emphasize the roundness of the shoulders and you will emphasize your neck, our crush of heart.

For a dress with an American neckline, tied around the neck, it will be better not to overload. Instead, choose earrings to enhance your dress.

Second step: the earrings

Once the necklace was chosen, you will be able to think of the earrings. If you have opted for an imposing necklace, it is wiser to take a model of loops simple enough not to overload your pace. This year, the fashion is jewelry composed of feathers, flowers and other small details that will make their most beautiful effect on a simple dress for a country wedding. Do not forget to stay in harmony.

3rd step: the bracelet

Finally, you can wear a bracelet on your wrist. Again, avoid overloading your outfit with accessories. It is important that your bracelet is comfortable to wear. It is important not to be embarrassed during the day by a heavy accessory and uncomfortable wrist!

Last step: the rings

Do not wear anything other than your wedding ring. She will be the center of attention! Opt for a neutral manicure to subtly sublimate your hands.


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For you, why choose a jewel according to the shape of her dress?

Each neckline does not showcase the bride in the same way. A straight neck emphasizes the bust while the dresses in heart or V sublimate the chest. The American neckline emphasizes the shoulders and cleavage in the back draws attention to … the back (surprise?) Or the fall of the kidneys for the deepest of them.

Brides choose their dress according to their morphology to highlight their assets and hide their flaws. Choosing your necklace according to your dress follows the same logic: sublimate the chosen dress, emphasize its strengths and rebalance the silhouette.

What advice to follow to choose well and not to be wrong?

In my opinion, there are two main tips:

Do not overload the outfit. If the dress is very sophisticated, prefer fine jewelry. And if the chosen necklace is imposing, it will be better to opt for discreet earrings. Everything is a matter of balance!

The jewels are there to accessorize the outfit and not to attract all the attention. The wedding dress and the wedding band are the stars of the day! (after the bride and groom, obviously …). Do not overload the outfit

  1. And follow his instinct!
  2. For you, does one have to wear a jewel?

Absolutely not! The only jewel that the bride will necessarily wear is the wedding ring, a symbol of love and commitment. If it is not in her habit to wear jewelry or that she feels more comfortable without, it wills not there is no obligation to wear one. It’s her day, the important thing is that she feels beautiful and at ease!

Otherwise, a good alternative to jewelry are hair accessories: headband, tiara, flower crown, combs…

Description: That’s it, you found it! You finally got your hands on the wedding dress of your dreams. First fitting and the magic operated. It’s your favorite! She is the one you will wear throughout the best day of your life

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