Top 10 Tips On How To Find The Best Clothing Deals

Best Clothing Deals

It takes a great deal of money to keep up with all the latest fashion trends that permeate our lives season after season and shopping at high-end department stores and/or boutiques can really put a dent in your bank account or credit card. In today’s economy budgeting is not an option but more of a necessity and the frequent dilemma many ladies face is where to find affordable quality fashionable clothes without depleting all or most of your resources. Below I will give you 10 tips on how to find the best clothing deals. After all, a lady can look fabulous on a budget.

Use technology and the internet to find the best clothing deals:

1. Comparison shopping websites

These price comparison websites are also known as the online version of the yellow pages. There are plenty of accurate and reliable sites including PriceGrabber and Nextag that allow you to search for clothes and compare their different store prices. It should be noted that you cannot buy directly from these sites. However, the time and energy saved are enormous- with a click of a button you can find the clothes you want at the cheapest possible price.

2. Social media

Almost every clothing store uses Twitter and Facebook to interact with their customers. These social media accounts will also inform you of upcoming promotions and clothing deals before a public announcement is made- this will give you a head start on your shopping plans.

3. Mobile apps

Living in a world where software applications are used to conduct business, it is a small wonder that there are shopping apps as well. Apps like Google Shopper will identify the best deals in your area and will notify you on clothing deals for every store in a particular mall.

Try alternative shopping destinations as a way of locating the best shopping deals.

4. Stores newsletters and email updates

It is important to sign up for newsletters and email updates at your favorite clothing stores. Though many people shy away from this as they believe they will receive a lot of spam, these methods are great for receiving first-hand news on upcoming sales as well as earning exclusive coupons. Many stores will allow you to personalize this process so that you only receive news on specific clothing items.

5. Loyalty programs

With the clothing industry becoming more competitive every day, it is important for retailers to attract as many customers as they can. This is the advent of loyalty programs that not only make every loyal customer feel important, but they offer great deals on clothing items as well especially in cute little girl clothes.

6. Look for promo codes and coupons

Coupons and promo codes can be found absolutely everywhere, and their combined effects can drastically reduce your total clothing bill. You will often find these codes and coupons on the clothing stores websites and subscription to newsletters and the use of mobile apps will give you a selection of many more.

Brick and Mortar Alternatives:

7. Go to thrift stores

Perhaps the easiest and cheapest way of finding great deals on clothes is by going to your local thrift store or second-hand store. These shops are filled with a variety of clothes in excellent condition for throwaway prices. Many people deposit items at thrift stores because they are the wrong fit, and as a result, there is a high chance that you will find clothes you love including designer brands.

8. Outlet malls

Outlet malls are a fantastic choice for finding the best clothing deals, as they offer the same name brands those shopping malls sell but at a much cheaper price. If you’re looking for great deals on your clothes shopping, you should consider visiting an outlet mall. Interact directly with your favorite clothing stores to find the best deals.

Try underestimated shopping methods as they provide fantastic clothing deals:

9. Buy off-season

Buying clothes during the off-season usually requires planning ahead, but it allows you to buy relatively fashionable clothes at marked down prices. As seasons end, stores attempt to sell their remaining stock at rock bottom prices, and this is the best way to build up your wardrobe. So as summer ends stock up on shorts and tanks for next season, and as spring begins, buy as many winter clothes as you can so you are fully prepared for the next fall/winter season. When using this tip avoid purchasing the trendy pieces of the out-going season and only stick to the classic pieces that are timeless therefore you will be able to wear them for many seasons to come. The goal here is to always look chic but for less money; there is nothing fabulous about wearing out-dated clothing even if they were a steal.

10. Sales and Clearance racks

Sales and clearance racks are perhaps the most popular method of securing great clothing deals. A quick look at some of your favorite stores will show that many of them have a sale for a particular item e.g 4 shirts for $20, this has the effect of quickly increasing your wardrobe size without pinching your pocket. Additionally, if you look at the back of many stores you will come across clearance racks with clothes at reduced prices this is often as a result of overstocking.

I hope that these 10 tips on how to find the best clothing deals, has inspired you to use various methods of updating your closet on a budget.

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