The Size of the Sofa: The First Criterion

Size of the Sofa

Unless you are lucky enough to have a loft that gives you the comfort of choosing a very large sofa, the average person will have to choose the right compromise for the size of the sofa.

Above all, do not hesitate to make a survey in your interior. Take the dimensions that you think are legitimate, keeping in mind the direction of movement in the room. Do not limit yourself to narrow passage areas. Nothing is more frustrating to have your legs stuck to the coffee table, or on the contrary to be more than 1 meter away from it. The sofa is used to gather people and it is in the right spirit of comfort and communion that the size must be chosen.

In the end, the sofa should not be too big, otherwise, it would stifle the room, or too small, in which case it would look ridiculous.

Another very important thing about the choice of size: take care to check the passage of the sofa between the doors or in the stairwells. The day of the delivery it would be annoying that this one does not pass. It’s a small detail for some, but it’s important. So do not hesitate to make a measurement of the doorway widths, stairs, or hallways.

Some sofa dimensions to appreciate the volumes in your interior:

As a benchmark, here are the average dimensions of sofas. This will give you an idea of the space needed if you are on your first couch purchase. The sizes given are expressed for the width of the overall sofa, the height, the depth and the height of the seat from the ground.

A Leather sofa or fabric sofa?

Two types of sofas compete for first place on the podium in recent years, one in the leather, classic, and the other in fabric, more modern (so more popular with young people). Each product has its weak points and its strengths; it depends on the use that we want to make. There are mainly on the market cotton sofas, very popular because they are cheaper, but also because they allow choosing from hundreds of colors and opting for any reason. However, cotton is not that strong, and it’s messy.

Depending on your budget, you can choose the most efficient fabrics and check that they meet the most demanding standards. A noble material par excellence, leather has many other advantages than its aesthetic side. No dust, pet hair or dust mites hanging around with him. It does not retain the smell of cooking or cigarettes. Thanks to its elasticity, it is resistant to tearing. It is a “living” product that evolves over time and ages well. Beyond its advantages, the price of a leather sofa is not within the reach of all budgets. Here you can see the best sofas lounges, sofa & sofa beds online at my deal.

The choice of structure

The structure of the sofa is usually made of solid wood, reinforced with plywood or MDF boards. MDF (Medium Density Fiber) is a material made from wood fibers and hot-pressed resins, which are very resistant to moisture and deformation. How to choose the wood of the structure? Unless you make your sofa custom, you will not have a huge choice. Oak or beech woods are the most expensive. They often correspond to top made models. To buy a cheaper couch, rely on pine or rubber wood Check best sofa.

Pay attention to the suspension of the sofa

The suspension is the system that gives all the comfort of the sofa. It helps support the weight of the cushions and guarantee some of the comforts when you sit down. There are two types of suspension: interlocking elastic straps and springs. The elastic straps allow a good distribution of comfort on the seat and the back of the sofa, while the spring suspension will provide a more independent comfort.

The choice of forms

The shape of the sofa is important. It depends on the tastes of each, but also and especially the available space. For example, avoid buying a large corner sofa with accessories if you live in a small apartment. Although such a sofa is comfortable, you will not be able to move around in your home. Prefer a smaller model with 2 or 3 seats depending on the layout of your room.

The forms are varied. Thus, it is not uncommon to find Design Bean or U shaped sofas. Remember that you can add components to your sofa (like chaise lounges or footrests) to best match your furniture.


The comfort of a sofa is a key element to make its final choice. To feel good in a sofa, we must opt for a comfort adapted to the needs and desires of everyone. For this, you should know that the higher the density of the foam and the seat, the softer the sofa will be. The idea is to opt for a model offering a reasonable resistance in order to be able to sit indoors without settling down while giving the possibility of the buyer to lie down from time to time. To be successful, be aware that once seated on your couch, your feet must touch the ground when your back is firmly seated at the bottom.

Finally, your sofa must have good resilience, that is to say, the way the foam returns to its original shape. For more comfort and a better foundation over time, choose high resilience foams.

The style

Given all that is on the market, all styles are possible. You can easily make the sofa a centerpiece of the living room, and even the whole house. From the most sober to the most original, from the L-shaped sofa to the mouth-shaped one, from white to colorful, we can absolutely find everything.

Therefore, choosing a sofa can sometimes be a little complicated. The first criterion to take into account for the choice of a sofa is, as we have seen above, the space dedicated to it. Indeed, if it is too imposing, it can quickly hinder the passage, or leave no room for furniture. Otherwise, it can quickly go unnoticed, or not have enough room to accommodate all members of the house in case of a large family. Another important point for the choice of the style, it is necessary to take into account the type of decoration of the rest of the room or the house. It needs to be in tune with your interior and reflect the theme of everything else.

As with clothes, there are modes that come and go for sofas. The Scandinavian style is one of them.

Coming straight from the cold, with very light and clean colors, wood is a keystone in the Scandinavian style. Thus, to instill a Nordic atmosphere in your living room, a wooden base for your fabric sofa will transform the decor in the blink of an eye.

The great trend of vintage also makes its appearance in the world of decoration, because it is not only in fashion that retro is trendy! From the meridian of the last centuries to the flash colors of the 70s, everything goes! For this kind of sofa you have to go to the specialty stores, but also in flea markets, shopping also becomes in!

In a completely different way, the minimalist style makes the good days of the big manufacturers. More impersonal than the rest, he knows how to blend into the crowd. Large furniture brands have made their bestseller. The L-shaped sofa or corner sofa for the whole family has been able to submerge a large part of the homes since the 2000s.

Timeless, that resists time, the leather sofa remains a classic, unmovable, and it remains the reference in terms of strength and durability. It is certainly not within the reach of all budgets, but it is nevertheless much bought.

The accessories

To decorate a sofa and make it more personal, we can use cushions of all shapes and colors, plain or variegated, sequined or simple, there is something for every taste and every budget!

The use of throws and throws (small blankets) to both protect your sofa and decorate it is also a big trend. Available in several subjects, there is also a very wide variety available to all scholarships. In cotton, wool or baby alpaca, they come in patterns, mottled, plain or patchwork. An indispensable addition to your evenings, the plaid, also called thrown offers renewal to your old sofa. A tip: try extravagance

The headboards for sofas, permanent or removable offer a complimentary comfort option. They are used to keep your head up: if you are a fan of long TV shows, they will offer all the comfort to your neck after a long day of work.

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