The tips in searching for the best Asian wedding venue in Luton

Best Asian Wedding Venue

The wedding day is one of the truly special days for both the bride and the groom. The engaged couple spends considerable time in preparation for the big day which consists of choosing the right dress, making a list of the guest and most importantly selecting the best venue which could blend their wedding theme. Weddings are a symbol of love, happiness, and trust where the bride and groom promise to live the rest of their life together. The wedding ceremonies are quite diverse all over the world and the reason is differences in religions, culture, and traditions.

Of all the weddings, Asian weddings are known to be full of color, extravagance, and style. The focus of Asian weddings is not only on the marrying couple but portraying their religious practices and cultural traditions. Asia is the largest continent of the world and home to a very diverse, unique and beautiful culture. The main difference in some of the Asian wedding is the religious way in which the bride and groom marry while the celebration and presence of food and music are more or less the same. The three most common Asian weddings in Britain are Muslim, Sikh and Hindu weddings

Muslim weddings are simpler in style and design and not that grand like a Sikh or Hindu wedding. The marriage contract between the bride and groom is called ‘Nikah’ and both the couple sign the contract in front of family and friends who act as witnesses. The bride mostly prefers to wear either golden or red embroidered dress while the groom wears a traditional Sherwani which can be either white, black or golden in color. The wedding venues are stylishly decorated and sumptuous food is served to the guests.

Sikh weddings are full of passion, color, and energy. The wedding events are carried for several days and the main event is held in Gurdwara where the bride, the groom, and their families wear fashionable and traditional clothes with expensive jewelry and other clothing accessories. Many of the people will wear Punjabi dresses in very bright and vibrant colors. A reception is held after the wedding where delicious and pleasing food is served and music is played so that the family and friends can rejoice the occasion.

Hindu weddings are similar to Sikh weddings as there is the same amount of excitement, color, and passion. Beautiful dresses, colorful jewelry, and loud music is a common part of nearly every Hindu wedding. There is quite a detail given to decorate the wedding venue with elaborate styling and use of flowers. A special throne is made for the bride and groom to sit.

Nearly every newly engaged Asian couple wants to select the best wedding venue where they could easily plan out their wedding event. There are many wedding planners which should be approached if you are planning to marry as the planners know all about the venues and can also take care of the numerous arrangements needed at the venue to make the event memorable. The couple needs to first search different venues and make a list of the favorite venues which they will like to visit. There are several wedding venues across the country but the question is how far the couple is willing to travel. The Asian wedding venue Luton is one of the best options as the location can be easily and conveniently be accessed by the couple and the guests. There are a wide variety of venues which the couple can choose that includes country farm, a big hotel suite, a historic castle, stately home or banqueting halls.

The four things which are vital in deciding the wedding venue are

  1. The date and time that couple have decided to marry as sometimes a particular wedding venue needs to be booked in advance and a few months before the actual wedding event
  2. Knowing if the venue is ideal for the wedding theme chosen by the bride and groom
  3. The number of guests coming to the event so that arrangements can be made accordingly
  4. The budget that the couple is willing to spend which includes venue booking, paying for vendors, decorations, food, music, and valet parking.

The couple should personally visit the venue and ensure that the venue has enough space which would be comfortable for the guests to enjoy the event. Making sure about the available space is important as many times religious practices need to be carried out in separate space and then the wedding planners also have to make sure that the logistics and carried out in a seamless manner during the wedding event. Another important issue is parking space as you want to make it easy for the arriving guest to park their cars near to the wedding venue.

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One of the essential things of every Asian wedding is catering to food and much focus is given to the selection of menu and drinks which will be served to the guests. Many of the venues have their own caterers while some venues allow the couple to arrange their own particular caterers. The Asian wedding venue Luton allow the engaged couple to apply a certain wedding theme and style the venue according to their wishes. The couple can bring in their own stylist and vendors which suit them and can decorate the venue according to their expectations. The final details required in selecting the best wedding venue is cost and payments. Once the bride and groom book a venue, they are required to deposit some amount of money which is refundable in some venues.

There are many things to consider and the decision to make for the bride and groom so that their wedding event can be special and memorable. The selection of the venue is important and must be done after considering all the preparations and arrangements.

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