7 Best Honeymoon Destinations In The World

Best Honeymoon Destinations

If you want to select the best place to celebrate your honeymoon, you’ve landed in the right place, because we will give you best honeymoon destinations in the world according to experts, to help you choose the best place to go on a trip on your honeymoon with your partner.

Wedding planning is something exciting, it can be a major source of stress, and it is likely that your honeymoon is your first opportunity to enjoy a moment of highest quality with your partner.

The most important thing is that the trip is relaxing and adapts to your wishes, needs and style as a couple.  That said, integrating each of your favorite things in a single trip can disconcert, or take away the time spent simply enjoying the company of the other.

The list we have prepared are amazing and visually stunning destinations, and have joined industry experts to offer you all the reasons you should visit, and where and when planning your stay.

Top Honeymoon Destinations In The World

Go Honeymoon on the Island of Greece

The richness of Greece, the extraordinary food and the exciting charm make it an ideal place to start the honeymoon, at least spend a few nights in the bustling city of Athens. You will intend to stay in the thick of the points and experience the sights and sounds, so why not just stay at the top of the Acropolis?  New Hotel is elegant and polished, ideal in the middle of everything, but really feels far from the madness of a big city. Champagne toast at the rooftop bar at night, after a sightseeing tour.

The Greek islands are steeped in Folklore and are always popular, so choose some unusual alternatives. Climb onto a puddle bridge towards the divine Oia of Santorini, forgetting the cerulean seas symbolized by white walls and oozing barefoot luxury.

Go Honeymoon in Patagonia in Chile

It is really difficult to find a place more charming than Patagonia. It is a place full of adventures and a haven of another world perfect for couples, worlds away. Patagonia Park in Aysen, Chile is a must, and one of the most outstanding conservation tasks in the world. Spend time here from Santiago, the road is one of the most spectacular scenarios in the world. You’ll see waters full of flamingos, snow-covered heights and incredible views.

Check out The Lodge at Valle Chacabuco, a great place to take some walks, for all levels. Walk to ‘La Confluencia’, where you can enjoy epic views and cool off by jumping into the crystal clear blue waters of Patagonia. Take a boat cruise to Puerto Montt, where Lake Llanquihue is located, and your trip to the base of Osorno Volcano.

Go Honeymoon in Ireland

If the image that comes to mind when you think of Ireland is in green hills, steep cliffs and stone castles that lie ahead, you’re not wrong. But all those things are just part of the appeal of Ireland.

Of course, you can spend the night in a converted castle or literally stumble into a centennial building or monument around any curve, but you would be remiss to skip a play on the stage of the Dublin Theater, listening to some avant-garde music in one of the Belfast clubs, or ignoring the colorful political murals of Derry.

Go for Honeymoon to Sweden

The vibrant colors of Sweden, the varied topography, the gastronomic wonders and the hidden gems make it perfect for all seasons. Stockholm is the perfect place to explore the rich history of the country, and it’s worth going out on foot in historic Gamla Stan to meander through cobblestone streets and alleys.

While you’re here, explore the myriad of art galleries, beautiful boutiques and quaint cafes. After sunset, take a martini and dine at the Brasserie Le Rouge, which has serious vibes of Moulin Rouge with luxurious velvet seats and excellent food.

Go Honeymoon to Puglia, Italy

Puglia, Italy is close to perfection. This jewel of Italy is ideal for honeymoons all year round, charming, charming but luxurious, and hosts several of the best beaches in Italy.

The impressive luxury complex of BorgoEgnazia, which is placed gently in the olive groves and is spread with bougainvillea and jasmine, captures perfectly the beauty and the fascinating charm of Puglia. With the appearance of a traditional village, the complex is family-run, a few meters from the coast, with panoramic views of the Adriatic, with saltwater pools and even a golf course that embraces the sea.

Head to the city of Alberobello, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, full of iconic Trulli buildings and whitewashed stone cabins. For one of the best meals in the area, try the elegant Bosco Verde Lido that overlooks a shady olive grove.

Go Honeymoon in Big Sur, California

The California coast radiates romance with its natural appeal, varied (but perfect) environments and houses some of the best views in the area. For the feelings of Big Little Lies, invest some nights in the absolutely amazing beach community of Montecito (where many stars call home) for its relaxed atmosphere, its discreet high-end and its perfect configuration for photographs.

Get away on the Montecito Inn bikes (even if you are looking for the opening of the Rosewood Miramar Beach Montecito, which will open in 2019 with much honor) and have a champagne lunch at the fantastic Four Seasons Biltmore. Then, sail along the coast to the outskirts of Santa Barbara and get a photo of couples on top of the court house, with ridiculous views of both the mountains and the ocean.

Cruise Highway One, preferably on the summit, to the epic Big Sur, and for the adventurous duo, take the long way down the Birth Path that weaves through the redwoods, high in the clouds, with the view and the definitive crescendo, Big Sur. The waves travel the spectacular coastline and there is no better place to enjoy them than at The Post Ranch Inn.

Go Honeymoon in Mozambique

For a remote place and really out of the ordinary, the archipelago of Quirimbas is one of the hidden treasures of Africa. For the intrepid set, head to Ibo Island for incredible scuba diving, kayaking and fishing.

Stay in one of the mansions that dot the island: they offer serious vibrations of rustic luxury. Or, sail here for a DhowSafari, where the luxurious dhows prepared to carry it out can take you on a romantic cruise of several nights (or a day), an absolutely romantic way to get to know the endemic fauna of Mozambique.

Vamizi Island is a wonder, loaded with glamorous thatched beach suites in the Indian Ocean in front of the tropical forest floor. Marine life is filled with more than 350 varieties of fish and unconfined reefs.

This is a place where you will surely see the monkeys of Samango climb trees simply for the actions of your suite and for sandy coves where giant crabs and turtles relax with care.

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