Twitter Aggregation, Why Is It Such A Hype These Days!

Twitter Aggregation

Twitter is no more just a platform for expressing views on issues and current trends. It has outdone itself by evolving into a great marketing platform.

Be it a brand, or be it an event, or even a conference or a graduation ceremony, Twitter is the place where the buzz swirls.

In such a scenario, you may have figured out the importance of Twitter and Twitter feeds in the digital marketing world.

Today, in this article we will focus on Twitter Aggregation and why is it so important for brand promotion in events and on websites!

What Do You Mean By Twitter Aggregation?

If you are a social media marketer, you must have heard of social media aggregation. But then what does Twitter aggregation mean?

Well, it is nothing much different. In social media aggregation, we aggregate social media feeds from various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

But when we talk about Twitter aggregation, we mean to aggregate Twitter feeds via various hashtags, mentions, keywords, locations, etc. into one single feed, either to embed it as a Twitter social hub on any website or display them as engaging Twitter feeds in any event or conference or others.

How do you display Twitter Aggregated Feeds On Websites And In Events?

So, what do you do with these aggregated Twitter feeds?

You display them. But where?

On websites, in events, as digital signage, or anywhere you want to display user experience and feedback as social proof for your brand.

A Twitter aggregator tool helps you a long way in aggregating Twitter feeds for embedding on your websites or displaying them on a digital screen for events or digital signage.

A Twitter aggregator discovers and fetches Twitter feeds via hashtags, mentions, keywords, etc. and aggregates them together where you can moderate, curate, and customize them before displaying them on a website or a digital screen in events or for digital signage.

Why Is Twitter Aggregation So Important?

Generally, 500 million tweets are posted online every day. That’s all most 5,787 tweets every second.

Isn’t that crazy! But that’s true.

The above-given statistics explains the volume of tweets Twitter as a social media platform handles on a regular basis.

That’s huge!

This incredible amount of engagement on Twitter, itself is a reason enough to assume the importance of Twitter aggregation.

Here are some reasons explaining why Twitter aggregation is so important.

Come, let’s have a look.

Display User-Generated Content

Aggregating Twitter feeds via hashtags, keywords or mentions gives you the opportunity to aggregate relevant user-generated content related to your brand and showcase it to create brand trust and loyalty among your consumers.

User-generated content helps you to build social trust among your customer base and strengthen your brand image. People trust people, so aggregating Twitter feeds displaying user experience is a smart choice to make as a marketer.

Enhance User Engagement

When you display aggregated Twitter feeds whether on your official website or in any event, it not only creates social trust but also enhances user engagement.

People actually engage and interact with these feeds, finds them informative, relevant, fresh, and original. These feeds also encourage other users to tweet and contribute to the Twitter feeds being displayed.

Time & Cost Effective

Aggregating Twitter feeds overall minimizes your marketing efforts making your marketing campaign more time and cost effective.

Employing a suitable Twitter aggregator helps you a long way as it manages, filters, customizes and does many other such important treatment to the Twitter feeds that are to be displayed on the website, in events or as digital signage.

Curate Creative Content

Twitter aggregators give you the power to curate Twitter feeds so as to maintain the content quality to the standards of your brand.

User-generated Twitter feeds displaying their feedback sometimes might not resonate with the theme of your website. So, you can choose what to display and what not to in order to maintain the health of your content.

When you aggregate Twitter feeds from multiple sources via hashtags, mentions, handles, and locations using a twitter aggregator tool, you can monitor the latest Twitter trends by analyzing all different types of tweets altogether on a single dashboard.

This also allows you to keep a check on your competitor’s tweets and analyze their Twitter strategy. Hence, you can better your own Twitter marketing strategy for your brand promotion.

Original & Fresh Content

Aggregating Twitter feeds allows you to deliver fresh and original content to your users whether on a website or in an event or as digital signage.

Displaying Twitter feeds aggregated in real-time also provides a factor of authenticity to your brand as real-time feeds cannot be faked or purchased.

Final Words

Twitter Aggregation is one of the best ways to display user-generated content from Twitter and track it’s a performance to enhance brand trust and user engagement and to increase your sales and business. So, what are you still waiting for?

Go and implement Twitter aggregation as an important element of your digital marketing strategy and experience amazing results for your brand.

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