Top 6 Types to Look for When Buying Anarkali Suits & Dresses

Anarkali Suits

Anarkali dresses and suits are very common among women. There are many who always prefer to go the Anarkali dresses at any point of time and for any occasion. The Anarkali suits are available in varying styles which necessarily makes sure that these dresses can be worn at almost all places. But at the time of choosing these ethnic gowns, you need to be very careful so as to come up with the best choice in this regard. Before going for the different types of Anarkali suits, you need to consider two different things in this situation.

1) Firstly, you need to choose the perfect ethnic gowns as per the shape of your body which is classified usually into the following.

   ● Apple Shape
   ● Pear Shape
   ● Rectangle shape
   ● Hourglass Shape

2) Secondly, you need to select the Anarkali dresses as per the frame of your body which is classified into the following.

   ● Tall
   ● Slim
   ● Pettie
   ● Plump

Now, after you have gone through shape and frame of your body, you need to decide in the type of Anarkali dresses and suits which would be just the appropriate for you. To make the selection work easier for you, we have created a list of the six types of Anarkali suits and dresses which you can opt for.

Types of Anarkali Suits & Dresses

1) Simple or the Cotton Anarkali Suits

The simple, as well as the cotton anarkali suits, are very comfortable to wear and hence are ideally suited for daily wearing. These suits can be worn for office, college, traveling, visiting a friend or a relative and a number of others. These dresses usually do not have any heavy embroidery or establishments which make them lightweight in nature. They are perfect for the summer season and come at a pocket-friendly which is highly advantageous in this regard. You need to take very good care about these Anarkali dresses since they wrinkle very easily and shrinks after washing so proper ironing is required for wearing the next time.

2) Silk Anarkali Suits

The silk Anarkali dresses are ideally suited for being worn at parties, events as well as occasions like wedding, birthdays and other family functions. These Anarkali suits necessarily provide you with the royal look thereby helping you to stand apart from the crowd. Most important these silk dresses are very easy to maintain and they neither shrink easily nor fade in color after several washes. Among the silk ethnic gowns, the top choices are embroidered, zardosi and mirror work that come with embroidered borders as well as golden zari. These dresses are suitable to wear in the summer season as well as the winter season. The cost is a bit on the higher side as compared to the cotton or the simple ones. But the extra price you pay for these dresses is worth since wearing these dresses give you a royal look. You need dry cleaning for these suits and make sure that they are not dried in direct sunlight.

3) Bridal Anarkali Suits

As indicated by the name of the suits, these are perfectly suited for the brides. These Anarkali dresses are extremely attractive in nature and come with heavy establishments as well as embroidery so as to give you the perfect bridal look. Wearing these ethnic gowns on the wedding day would certainly make the wearer look graceful and stunning. These suits are quite heavy due to the huge embroidery work, stonework, Kundan work, patchwork, zari, sequins work and a number of others to give that fine touch for the wedding day. The best part about these bridal Anarkali dresses is that they are capable of giving you a modern look but with a traditional touch and are much more comfortable as compared to the sarees or the lehengas. These bridal suits are very expensive and very heavy which cannot be worn on any other occasion very easily.

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4) Party Wear Anarkali Suits

The party wear ethnic gowns are just the appropriate ones for being worn in the parties. These dresses are specifically designed with very rich fabric, great establishment work and are available in some of the vivacious colors along with a lovely cut for necessarily making you the center of attraction in the party where you are going. The designs are as such that it will certainly create a great impression on anyone who looks at it and most importantly the party wears Anarkali suits are available in almost all price range. Here it is recommended not to go for the very cheap ones as they are usually not good.

5) Traditional Anarkali Suits

The traditional Anarkali dresses are usually adorned with extremely heavy embroidery work especially on the choli. Moreover, these suits are available in a number of patterns as well as fabrics such as net, silk, cotton, georgette, etc. The traditional Anarkali suits come with very rich work and the material of the suit is a long lasting once.

6) Designer Anarkali Suits

The designer Anarkali dresses as can be understood from the name come with great designs. Wearing these ethnic gowns would impart you a celebrity look and hence perfect for the evening parties or any wedding ceremonies where you would be certainly stealing the show with the dress that you are wearing. These suits come with extra designer works as well as an establishment for necessarily giving you that glam look. You can very easily find a lot of designer Anarkali dresses online with unique designs, patterns and that too from the top brands. These dresses are very expensive and are not at all suitable for wearing on every occasion.

So, now it would be quite clear to you as to how you need to choose the Anarkali dresses. In addition to this, it would be great if you look for the Anarkali dresses online since you necessarily get a very good variety as well as stock. So, what are you waiting for? If you love the ethnic gowns, just go for it without any kinds of hesitations.

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