Trendy and Delicious Bridal Shower Brunch Recipes

Delicious Bridal Shower Brunch

A bridal shower is an informal party, event or gathering that is held for the bride-to-be a short time before the wedding.

It is intended as a sort of sendoff event where all near and dear family members, relatives, and friends of the bride gather to have one last celebration before the actual wedding itself.

Guests are normally expected to bring gifts, or checks in the amount of their choosing, which are intended as a source of financial stability and strength for the bride. There is no requirement for this, of course, and people are not forced to bring gifts. But it is informally agreed upon, as a custom, and it is a longstanding tradition.

Bridal showers are not long or lavish affairs – at least in theory. They are normally held around noon or early afternoon at home or an affordable wedding venue. This is why the menu for a typical bridal shower usually consists of brunch items and recipes.

If you are planning to throw a bridal shower and are confused about the menu for the day then here are some excellent and delicious suggestions which are sure to take the event to the next level!

Top 7 Delicious Bridal Shower Brunch Recipes


Burgers are generally considered to be too ‘heavy’ for a bridal shower event or any wedding-related event for that matter.

Sliders, however, are a different story. They are the perfect one or two-bite items for such events. Sliders not only provide a tasty lunch, but they can also be made to look cute and Instagram worthy – the perfect recipe for a bridal shower brunch. Moreover, they are not overly filling, which makes them a good option for an event like a bridal shower.

2. Cold Sandwiches

Just like sliders, cold sandwiches are also very convenient and appealing, especially for an event that is organized around noon when the sun is out.

Bite-sized sandwiches filled with Genoa salami, walnut chicken salad or lemon caper tuna are the favorites at such events. Even vegetarian offerings like cold cucumber sandwiches are crowd-pleasing favorites since they help guests to cool off on a hot day. To kick things up, try adding a or dash of habanero or jalapeno pepper!

3.Cold Salads

Cold salads like Caesar salad, kale salad or fruit salads are also a must-have offering for brunch. Many guests will prefer refreshment on the lighter side since they tend to skip heavy lunch meals. Salads are the perfect recipe for such guests and are also great accompaniments to offerings like sliders, sandwiches and the like.

The main benefit of salads is also they can be customized according to your event theme, and your favorite ingredients. Also, you can serve many different kinds of salad for a nice variety!


This classic French dish that is one of the quintessential items associated with brunch. It helps to set the tone of the event and can be made to serve a crowd, making it a popular favorite.

Quiche is a pastry or tart made primarily with eggs and stuffed with fillings like breakfast meats or spinach and all varieties of vegetables. Depending on the size of a portion, it can be a breakfast item as well as a lunch item.

The quiche can be served in bites, making for a fun appetizer or tray-passed option. Or, it can be presented pie-shaped slices, as a more generous serving, making it the centerpiece of a traditional lunch. The creamy eggs complemented with savory meats or sun-dried tomatoes and spinach and mushrooms in a buttery pastry is heavenly and sure to delight your guests.

5.Crepe Station

Crepes are a favorite fixture for many people for breakfast and even lunch. They are one of the most versatile foods and a live crepe station goes great for events like a bridal shower.

Have a mix of different toppings and ingredients from the traditionally sweet like fresh-cut fruits, nuts, honey, syrups and whipped cream to more savory options like smoked meats, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and white sauce. With such an assortment of ingredients, the crepe station can become a one-in-all place for the main course as well as dessert.


Small bite-sized pastries and tarts are a must-have offering to have at brunches since these one-bite sweet delicacies provide a bit of a contrast to the heartier offerings.

Not only do such small portions allow guests to sample multiple items but pastries and tarts will also be a favorite with the younger crowd as they make for a delightful treat when the coffee rolls around.


Pasta is versatile and can work as a lighter offering with a simple pasta salad or perhaps the classic Aglio e Olio which can be made with garlic and olive oil to provide a rich and hearty flavor.

Alternatively, pasta can also work as a heavier offering with lasagna or gourmet Macaroni and cheese. Pasta is adaptable and works well with crowds of all ages and tastes. In one form or another, it is an easy addition to your brunch menu.


Above, we have suggested an assortment of the most popular menu items for bridal showers. These dishes look great when presented, and can be served easily to a large number of guests. To help create the event, relatives or bridesmaids typically collaborate or create a joint budget. This way, there is not an overwhelming amount of work or cost for one individual, and everyone can contribute to the success of the event. Many modern wedding packages also cover arrangements for bridal showers and offer an affordable wedding venue for the event, just to make it a touch more formal and exciting. For example, you may be able to hold the bridal shower in the same location where your wedding will be, only with a smaller setup, or in a side room. This way, guests will enjoy a sneak preview of where your wedding will be held.

Now that you know the most favorite bridal shower food options, you have everything you need to select the perfect menu!

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