Top 10 Upcoming Technologies That Will Shape the World

Upcoming Technologies Shape the World

Whether it is education, health, or technology, humans have only made elevating inventions to date. Some of the incredible minds in the world come up with ideas that are fascinating and future-ready. May it is floating farms or coffee-powered cars, humans have proved how they can shape the world in a futuristic way with these innovative technologies.

As time passes and technological advances get a boost, there’s soon going to be a world full of imaginations and creations. We have to set our minds to adopt some out-of-the-box technologies in the coming years. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top ten upcoming technologies that will shape the world soon. No wonder if you get surprised at each step till the end!

10 Best Upcoming Technologies That Change the World

1. Is Human Sweat The New Electricity?

Technology has reached a level where things like water, coffee, and human sweat can be used as energy resources! Researchers at CU Boulder have proved this by inventing a technology that uses human body sweat to fuel up a heart monitor, fitness tracker, or pulse rate checker. In the future, it may empower with more such sweat-powered wearables like watches, rings, and wristbands.

2. AI & AR are Driving Businesses Crazy

Every business, from IT to communication, wearables to weed, is changing with the growing trends of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. If you want to understand the concept quickly, look at how Weedsmart is skillfully using these technologies. They are using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality to enrich their soils, keep track of plants and inventories, and smoothen the workflow. A technology that can bring virtual imaginations to grow in real life can do anything. That’s why AI and AR are taking huge room on the list of upcoming technologies to shape the world.

3. Making Solar Power a Best Friend

Producing power through solar power is comparatively easy and cheap. In 2020, more than 115 gigawatts of solar panels were erected worldwide. The estimates also say that by 2030, more and more electricity production will depend on solar power because of its low-cost factor. The global leaders believe that 25 solar super sites stretching for 36 square miles each are enough for supplying electricity for future needs.

4. Land Airports For Flying Taxis & Drones

You might be wondering how it’s even possible in real life? But, it’s true. The news is that the UK government has already funded the first urban airport for flying taxis and drones. The airport is taking its shape in Coventry. So, get ready to see some cars and drones flying overhead to deliver your parcels super soon!

5. 3D Printers are The Game Changers

With technological evolution, more and more things are changing from real to virtual reality. Shortly, 3D printing technology will change the scenario of the world entirely. Soon, humans would be able to manufacture goods like food and bicycles using printing technology! Such technology uses 3D model data to join elements for making a piece layer by layer.

6. Virtual Humans or Living Robots?

It’s not like robots aren’t the current trend. But, when it is about the future, human-brained robots and online avatars will surge the workforce. Today, animated characters can recognize text, solve sudoku within seconds, and convert text to speech. The futurist Dave Evans says nanobots will be a part of the human body, robots will be superior to humans, will work with the human’s brain, and by 2035 they may completely replace humans from the workforce. 

7. Technological Body Enhancements

Kudos! Now humans can bring the borg into real life by self-designing and self-augmenting technologies. The retina implant technology available in the market today can repair blind visions. If this is not the future, then what is?

8. Bricks Being the Energy Storehouse

The researchers at Washington University successfully designed red bricks that can store energy within. These smart bricks can recharge themselves in only 13 minutes, energize the walls, and supply the stored solar energy at the time of emergency in the building for at least 50 minutes.

9. Living Concrete that Heals By Itself

Like bricks, concrete is one of the most used building materials. Thanks to the inventors at the University of Colorado Boulder who created a self-healing concrete using sand, gel, and bacteria. Such concrete is atmosphere-friendly, can repair cracks on its own, and even engulf toxic air particles while shining from outside.

10. Guiding Robot Dogs

We talked about robots previously. However, a student from Loughborough University developed robotic dogs that can guide people with a lack of vision. Theia drives the users using a unique control moment gyroscope (CMG) based on real-time data. It leads users as if they are holding a dog’s leash and heading away with them.


Humans have always found solutions to their problems via technological innovations. By converting ideas into reality, they can make anything work according to their current needs, standards, and expectations. There is no surprise if we see self-driven trucks or car batteries that get charged in just ten minutes in a couple of years. Technologies are bound to serve humans better, and humans will keep inventing new technologies from time to time.

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