Inspiring and Significant Lifelong Lessons from Best K-Drama for Every Age Group

Best K-Drama

At every stage of life, everyone has the same wish to prove their worth and create a carefree life, especially young adults, who are at an age where people are eager to put so much effort into refining themselves and building an enjoyable profession.

Moreover, there are times when people do try to rethink their life decisions and ask over and over again what went wrong. Welcome to adult life! Where shots of self-doubts are shelled out daily.

As people try to attain silent wars, depicting reality circumstances in TV shows permits people to comprehend that what everyone is confronting is valid. The most comfortable part about TV shows is that when people commonly get a sense of relaxation once they learn that others are suffering the same things as them.

This form of comfort can be attained from Korean TV shows that reflect diverse aspects of life and so empathize; it’s as if it was illustrated through the lens of others hardships.

In the digital era, there are various escape rooms from boredom! With so much entertainment in their hands, people can even enjoy their alone time by enjoying what they love to do. The world has become so competitive that it creates challenges, hard to follow by everyone.

Society is made of culture, customs, beliefs, and many other social aspects of life. But when these similar aspects change, it impacts highly people’s lifestyles, for example, the beauty standards change day by day, the rich are the only ones who own luxuries, the toppers are the intelligent students, etc.

However, these changes can be seen mostly in Asian countries, which may be modified in positive manners via shows and movies on various streaming platforms. For example, streaming services’ vast content libraries add up to K-drama and it spreads like wildfire in the forest. Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Hulu India, consume an extensive amount of it.

We will dive into the deep exploration of the best K-dramas that develop hope and motivation with their diverse content and why they are popular all around the world.

On the top of the list is Navillera, so many of us are perplexed about life, and not everyone can easily sort out the stuff that they are fervid about. The life of Shim Deok Chul in the show is an ideal example of what determination can bring to us. As a 70-year-old man, he proved that talent is timeless, not bond with any age for someone who has dreams to achieve. Whereas, 23-year-old Lee Chae Rok developed a love for ballet after his trials with some sports. The series is beautiful and heart-melting, that depicts two various people from two distinct generations who encounter each other by luck as they seek their purpose in life.

The valuable lesson that we get from Navillera is that age is just a number it can not stop you from achieving your dreams no matter how late you take the start-up, only one owns a dream and passion for it. It also focuses on the significance of friendship, resolution, and the potential to follow your heart.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)

The society of South Korea is known to be more depressed and ironically, king of suicide. Their world fell apart from other Asians, therefore this K-drama is the best thing that happened to the industry as well as to the world.

The story revolves around, Moon Kang Tae, a selfless caretaker of a Psychiatric ward who isn’t much interested in love, and Go Moon Young, a selfish antisocial but popular children’s novel author who seems to know nothing about love, across other paths and starting to comfort each other’s emotional damages.

The show gives us the lifetime advice of embracing our scars, and emotions and accepting ourselves in the manner we are. It tells the importance of self-love and empathy as well as understanding the sufferings of mental health.

True Beauty (2018)

It is the most difficult thing to explain to your parents that your dreams are worth it! Looks may hold values but your character can beat everything! True Beauty depicts many social issues like self-acceptance, inner beauty, society standards, betrayal, suicide, the beauty of good friendship, and more.

The story is adapted from a popular webtoon with a similar name, it’s about an average-looking girl, Lim Joo Kyun, who changes her high school due to the bully, she learns new make-up techniques before joining her new school. Hiding her true face behind the make-up gives her confidence and later she learns the lesson in hard way, that beauty comes from within.

The show teaches its audience to accept and love their flaws believe in their inner strength and be kind to everyone.

Pinocchio (2014)

Lastly, Piocchio depicts the life of two young adults initiative in their professional life. As journalists, they have a high duty to be in the service of society’s guard dogs.

This K-drama explores how journalists shield the truth; after all, it has been fueled in people from generation to generation since childhood that honesty is the best policy. And in the world where politicians are after dominancy, veiling their dirty schemes and traps behind lies the loyal to-country journalists, always keeping their eyes on every circumstance around the nation.


Although Korean Dramas are extensively based on fantasies, they portray social issues, valuable lessons, and relationships in such a very creative manner that one cannot avoid it!

There are plenty of K-dramas like above, that can be watched on various streaming platforms from anywhere in the world. Asian countries are at the top among those who consume K-drama more compared to the Western population.

However, the life lessons can become unforgettable when learned through personal experience; meanwhile, TV shows are the mere mirror that reflects society’s story to indirectly convey the messages and experiences of others.

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