How to Paint Door with Paint Sprayer Machine?

Titan Sprayer Parts

In order to paint the door with a paint sprayer device, you need to follow the basic techniques that are mentioned below.

Tips for Preparation

Before starting your paint job, it’s crucial to have some preparations so that you can achieve an amazing paint result in the end. Preparation tips will also help you to eliminate any risks and damages to other objects in the house. The following useful steps can definitely help you to get prepared before painting:

  • Before getting started with paint spraying, remove all the hardware accessories from the door. This may involve door knobs, handles, and other objects that are not supposed to be painted.
  • Use painters tape or plastic sheets to cover all the areas that need to be kept away from the paint spots.
  • Before painting the door, don’t forget to clean it with a household cleaner. Remove all the dust, grime or grease, if any.
  • In order to achieve smooth and uniform looking paint finish, scrap the old paint from the surface. Scrubbing is the best tip to get the smooth and perfect layer of paint or lacquer.

Tips for Sanding

Sanding is another important step before paint spraying. Sanding helps to make the surface smooth and clean so that you will get a pristine and uniform finish. So, all you need is to sand the door. Here are the following useful tips that can help you achieve exceptional paint results:

  • Use sandpaper that is particularly designed for the paint job. Do not use any ordinary sandpaper because you will end up with clogging and that will make it unworkable.
  • Always use 120-150 grit to get pristine results. You can also use coarser paper of 80 girts in the tough surfaces.
  • Instead of using sponges on flat areas, use a hard sanding block.
  • In order to deal with shaped and curved surfaces, buy a full set of sandpapers and sponges so you will have the proper tools and equipment.

Advantages of Using Airless Paint Sprayers

Use Titan airless sprayer for best results. These sprayers are the most powerful and effective sprayers that can accomplish you paint job within a span. By following a few step-by-step instructions, a beginner can also utilize this paint sprayer easily. Titan sprayer parts are easily available in home improvement stores and hardware shops so one can replace it whenever needed.

Here are the advantages of using this high-quality airless paint sprayer:

  • An airless paint sprayer device can make your paint job fast, smooth and easy.
  • By using airless paint sprayers, professional painters and individuals can achieve an ultimate glass smooth finish on furniture and doors.
  • An airless paint sprayer machine produces high-pressure mist of paint that apply evenly on the surface.
  • These type of paint sprayers offer you versatility so you can use them with different types of paint such as oil-based, water-based, lacquer, latex, satin and house paints.
  • For handling large paint projects (commercial and industrial), airless paint sprayer is ideal to use.
  • For an amateur, it’s not difficult to get hand on the paint sprayer, just require a little practice.

Techniques of Using Paint Sprayer Device

  • Squeeze the trigger before reaching the edges of the door.
  • In order to achieve even coats of paint, you need to move the paint sprayer device faster across the door keeping it parallel.
  • Keep the gun in a perpendicular position to the surface. In case of any damage, use titan spray gun parts and replace them with the damaged parts.
  • Try to fill up the thin coats by moving the gun faster.
  • Overlap the strokes about 20-30 percent.

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